Study in Venezuela

Land of opportunities

Venezuela, officially called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is located in the northern part of South America. This South American nation has more than 2,800 km of coastline border, which is one of the factors responsible for the climate diversity here.

Venezuela has the highest rate of urbanization in Latin America region, with most of its population living in its northern cities. Today, Venezuela is known for its attractive nature, oil resources as well as as the nation of the world-famous beauty queens.

As the result of internationalization, in the past few decades, Latin America became one of the most attractive markets for business people all over the world and Venezuela is having a promising position within the region. It will be an advantage for those talents who have proper language skills combined with cultural knowledge about this Latin America society.

Study in Venezuela

According to the 1999 constitution, higher education in Venezuela is free of charge. Moreover, many universities here are some of the oldest universities in the region. For example, Central University of Venezuela is established in 1721, while University of Andes was founded in 1810 and University of Zulia in 1891.

For those who love Spanish language or would like to have a fluent skill in this second-most-spoken language but can’t afford the living expenses in Spain, Venezuela is an ideal place for them to be. International students here can practice Spanish on a regular basis, since it is the country’s official language as well as enhancing their cross-cultural understanding by interacting with students and local community here.

Lastly, Venezuela is among the top 10 biodiversity countries, making the country an ideal place to travel. Why not visit its mountains with the average temperature of 8 °C today and later return back to their tropical zone which has the average temperature of 28 °C. It will be a unique experience for students after their long school semester – just to relax and explore the magnificent surroundings.

Top 3 reasons to study in Venezuela:

  • Venezuela’s official language is Spanish, so you can develop your Spanish skills here on a daily basis with a reasonable amount of money needed.
  • Students who seek for opportunities in Latin American region will have a unique perspective for life after spending time here.
  • It’s a great deal for those who love to experience the nature.

Did you know this about Venezuela?

  • The adult literacy rate in Venezuela was strongly developed, from 91.1 % to 95.2 % within 10 years (from 1998–2008).
  • Venezuela has the most Miss Worlds and Miss Universes in the world.
  • The term Venezuela literally means “Little Venice”, it was named by its explorers when they saw houses built on stilts in a river here, which remind them of Venice.