Study in Uruguay

A ticket to an amazing culture and Spanish language

Uruguay is a country located in the southeastern part of South America. As one of the most economically developed countries in the area, it is totally a uniquely interesting destination to study abroad especially for those who want to discover a new world and learn Spanish – the second most spoken language in the world by the amount of native speakers.

Spanish is the official language, which provides a good opportunity for you to strengthen it. Amiability of Uruguayans can make you very glad about your choice to go there. Many exchange programs in universities or workshops are designed to offer and challenge you in many aspects and help you to experience the local lifestyle.

After going on one semester in Uruguay, a trip to somewhere far from city is ideal to enjoy the stunning coastline with pure white sand and interesting geographical location. Get immersed into different bars, restaurants and shops with your new local friends. Montevideo is a good choice because you won’t have to worry about security when you are in one of the safest countries in the region. Because of four distinctive seasons in Montevideo, don’t forget to bring a good coat when you come here!

Study in Uruguay

Ranking first in Latin America in quality of living, peace, democracy and “country of the year” in 2013, you should totally trust in Uruguay as a good destination to study abroad. The use of Spanish and hospitability of local friends can help you to improve and get feelings of success about your language skills which can set you on the path for future success.

One could say that football is a way of life in Uruguay. Their national sport is more than just sports for the people in Uruguay. Despite its small size, the country never fails in producing some of the most talented player in the world. Uruguay is the first World Cup winner in football ever – that is in 1930, being also the host nation for the very first World Cup ever. Football fans will find truly unique surroundings for their studies in Uruguay, that’s for sure.

Top 3 reasons to study in Uruguay:

  • Learning Spanish well in Uruguay is a realistic way to reach almost 500 million native speakers worldwide
  • Uruguay offers good quality of life generally considered to be among the highest in Latin America
  • You can enjoy the amazing beauty of Uruguay while watching football in very unique atmosphere

Did you know this about Uruguay?

  • Education in Uruguay is compulsory for a total of nine years, beginning at the primary level.
  • In Uruguay, cows outnumber people by three to one.
  • About three quarters of the country is grassland.