Study in Tunisia

Unique history with high ambitions for education

Tunisia is a North African country whose culture dates to antiquity. Tunisia is famous for its cosmopolitan capital because there are ancient ruins and coastal resorts, golden beaches and luxuries which are affordable to tourists. To the east, the ancient Carthage site features the Antonine baths and other ruins, plus artifacts at the Carthage National Museum.

In 1956 Tunisia achieved independence from France under the leadership of Habib Bourguiba. After that he became the first president of the country. He dominated the country for 31 years, repressing Islamic fundamentalism and establishing rights for women unmatched by any other Arab nation. In 2011 there was a revolution in Tunisia as a national unity government was formed.

Study in Tunisia

After that when Tunisia became an independent country, the level of Tunisian education has shown great progress. The point is that the government wanted to develop an education system which produced a human capital based on that it can react on the people’s changing needs of a developing nation. Before 1958 only a privileged minority of 14 % of the total population enjoyed the benefits of Tunisian Education. Tunisia got a positive streak in education ahead of the countries with similar income levels and that is considered a big achievement.

Education is the number one priority of the government of Tunisia, with more than 20 percent of government’s budget allocated for education. There are two years of the first educational studies, which leads to the award of Diploma d’Etudes Universitaires du Premier Cycle. The first cycle is a preparation one and the second one leads to the first degree in Tunisian university system.

Top 3 reasons to study in Tunisia:

  • Learning to speak Arabic opens doors for international students.
  • Tunisia is centrally located which gives students the possibility to explore other countries as well.
  • The cost of living is also a benefit of attaining higher education Tunisia as it is a lot cheaper compared to Europe.

Did you know this about Tunisia?

  • Tunisia is quite small but it has great environmental diversity.
  • In Tunisia, education is important and it accounts for 6 % of GNP.
  • Four of the Star Wars movies were partially filmed in Tunisia. Tunisia is the planet Tatooine in the movies. Some of the locations are still there for visits!