Study in Taiwan

Beautiful and industrial

The island of Taiwan is located in the north of the East China Sea. Having a subtropical climate in the north and central regions, a tropical climate in the south and a temperate climate in the mountains allows Taiwan to possess a very large variety of natural species, as well as a beautiful landscapes.

Besides its natural beauty, Taiwan is also known for its high level of living standards. Taiwanese infrastructure, transportation systems and public services (especially in healthcare), are well developed. Because of these conveniences, students are able to have a safe and comfortable life during their studies and free time.

Study in Taiwan

Thanks to the Taiwanese government education policy, tuition is kept at an affordable level for all. When compared to other countries with similarly developed education systems, international students in Taiwan have the advantage with lower tuition costs. However, if you’re unable to afford the tuition costs required, yet you have an outstanding record of academic performance, there are still a variety of scholarships available to help you fund your studies in Taiwan.

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The vibrant and long-developed cultures of Taiwan are also worth mentioning, Taiwan is one of the few places in the world where traditional values are well-kept alongside a high economic development rate. Furthermore, since the mix of eastern and western culture is recognised here, students can develop their cultural understanding from immersing themselves into the modern and professional working life of Taiwan.

During the internationalisation era, Asia became one of the hottest continents for starting your own business. Global corporations are trying their best to expand their businesses within the region of Asia, and Taiwan is one of the most important places for them to operate. Basically, the need of high quality professionals and graduates in Taiwan is high, creating wonderful benefits for those who choose to study and graduate in Taiwan, such as entering a healthy working market right after their studies.

Top 3 reasons to study in Taiwan:

  • Affordable tuition fees and scholarships for high academic performers
  • One of the best education systems in Asia.
  • An urgent need for high quality graduates to meet the demand of the economy.

Did you know this about Taiwan?

  • In Taiwan, only the teacher switches classes, not the students.
  • Taiwan ranks first in the gender equality scale of Asia.
  • Taiwanese garbage trucks play music!