Study in South Korea

Highly competitive learning environment and traditionally rich culture

Located in East Asia, South Korea is well known for its’ efficient and coherent education system. Koreans’ top priority is education, especially higher education. This is the root of the impressive Korean accomplishments in many international contests and projects.

South Korea offers a wide range of institutions including Colleges and Universities, Industrial Universities, Universities of education, Junior Colleges, Broadcast and Correspondence Universities, Technical Colleges and other miscellaneous institutions.

It is notable that in Korea education competitiveness is tremendously high. Hence, some students are usually under pressure to get the best studying place. There are plenty of elite universities in Korea, and studying in one of those is regarded as the fastest way to success in Korean society.

Study in South Korea

South Korea provides various programs for international students. The best fields of study in Korea are technology and arts, followed by business, so South Korea is a perfect destination for whoever wants to study in those fields.

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Another reason for studying in South Korea is to enjoy its traditionally rich culture. Up until now, South Korea still protects and develops its’ cultural heritage and traditions. Not to mention that Korean culture, particularly Korean dramas and K-pop music, has a profound effect on Asian culture as a whole.

Considering both tuition fees and living expenses, they are relatively low. More than that, there are no additional fees applied to international students and they can even receive scholarships to help fund their studies. Monthly rent is usually about $300, the cost of one campus meal is about $2.50–$3.00 and transportation fees are about $40 per month.

Top 3 reasons to study in South Korea:

  • One of the best education systems in the world
  • Highly competitive academic environment
  • Traditionally rich culture

Did you know this about South Korea?

  • South Korean students are extremely smart. They ranked second in reading in PISA test and their graduation rate is 93%.
  • In South Korea you can drink alcohol wherever and whenever you want.
  • South Korea has the world’s first toilet-themed amusement park.

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