Study in Paraguay

”The Heart of South America”

Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America, surrounded by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. The Republic of Paraguay is very contrastic, lush forests and beautiful pastures are combined there with urban street life and tall, concrete buildings. While studying in the country, students can take a trip down to a scenic, untouched waterfall and visit the world’s largest drinking water reservoir, Guarani Aquifer, and world’s second biggest hydroelectric dam, The Itaipu Dam. Paraguay is a great country and even though it is definitely not one of the richest countries in the world, it does not make its culture less rich. The country has a bit of everything that South America has to offer.

When planning to go to study in Paraguay, it is important to remember that higher education is considerably novel there as first two universities, National University and Catholic University, were opened just in the 1990’s. Now there are around public institutes of higher education and and some private ones.

Study in Paraguay

As the government has almost no control over the education system, all universities determine tuition fees and eligibility themselves. However, due to the level of poverty, an average monthly cost for students are from 500 $ to 1000 $, including accommodation. There is no public health care available to international students who may need it. For this reason, most students will need to bring their own policies and financial means to cover the necessary medical care.

It can be a large struggle to find employment after graduation there for students who want to stay in Paraguay after graduation. But we all know that if somebody really wants something, he always find a way to get it. However, your new skills in Spanish will definitely take you far in the working life.

Top 3 reasons to study in Paraguay:

  • Quite cheap to live and study in
  • You can experience “the Heart of South America”
  • Comfortable weather

Did you know this about Paraguay?

  • With the limited amount of guidance from the government, many of the colleges and universities will dictate the entry qualifications for international students independently.
  • Dueling between two people is legal here but the competitors have to be registered blood donors. It is also mandatory to have medical staff on hand.
  • An interesting theory is that the name Paraguay references to a parrot that went by the name of Frank that was first befriended and eventually eaten by the earliest Jesuit settles in the area. The country was called “Parrot “on ancient maps.