Study in Pakistan

Diversity and history

Pakistan is one of those places where handicrafts with wood, stone and other creative materials define and give refinement to the country. Consequently, one of the most famous activities to do in Pakistan is pottery. Another adventure you can experience in Pakistan is the one that includes food. Eating in restaurants and local places in Pakistan is a whole another experience, due to the culture mixture of the Mughals, the Turks, the Central Asian and the Iranians. The food is spectacular and tasty. Therefore, you will get a various and distinct experience.

When in Pakistan, you will encounter a lot of festivals and traditional celebrations that enhance each town, and make any place lively and bright. The Pakistani people tend to showcase their culture, colors, clothes and every other symbol of their own, during those celebrations. Hospitality is an essential part of the Pakistani culture.

Study in Pakistan


Pakistan has been considered an interesting place to study in Asia. This is because it has advanced its network with universities and colleges known for the high quality of education and internationalism. Moreover, there are a lot of fields of studies that have come to its phase of development, such as agriculture, management, engineering, IT, pharmacy, business administration, arts, social sciences, commerce, sciences, humanities and medicine. One of the reasons why students consider studying in Pakistan, is the cultural diversity that they experience. In addition, another important fact is the living costs, which are very affordable and on top of this, attitudes towards the foreigners are very good in that country.

Studying in Pakistan is an experience of its own since it has so many attractions for international students.

Top 3 reasons to study in Pakistan:

  • Diversity in all aspects of life
  • Low living costs
  • Interesting study environment

Did you know this about Pakistan?

  • Pakistan’s ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto was the first woman elected to lead a muslim state.
  • Pakistan has the second largest salt mine in the world.