Study in Jordan

A country a rich culture

While Jordan is located in the center of the Middle East, it is has managed to stay away from major political conflicts which are going on countries that surround it, such as Iraq and Syria. The country has a stable economic situation and is very popular among tourists from all over the world.

When hearing about Jordan, the first two things that always come up are the Dead Sea and the lost city of Petra that has been made the most popular tourist destination by some Hollywood movies, such as Indiana Jones.

Jordan is a perfect place for students to learn about Arabic culture and religious studies. It is said that there is the location where Jesus was baptized. It can be found near and along the Israeli border. Jordan is also home to Roman architectural ruins from the expansion of the Roman Empire, and castles built by Crusaders during the Crusades. With the exception of Petra, these historical sites are certainly not as busy as many others in the Middle East.

Study in Jordan

The country is quite modern and safe but even in the capital city Amman it is very important to follow the rules of the culture that is respect to traditions such as covering your shoulders and knees at all times. However, women are quite educated in Jordan and some Jordanian women are popular and well-respected, being some of the world’s finest social influencers, such as Queen Rania. See it for yourself in her social media accounts!

The country is the second most popular destination for American students in the Middle East (around 1,000 per year) and also quite popular among Europeans who like going on exchange to the Middle East. Due to great economic and political relationship with the United States and United Kingdom, for everybody who comes to study there and would like to learn the native Arabic language there are different courses that almost every university in Jordan provides.

The prices for studying and living in the country are similar to Europe but a great advice for students who want to save some money is to eat street food such as falafels instead of going to proper sit-down restaurants, which are much more expensive there.

During the free-time, students can travel around the country, go hiking through the canyons of Wadi Mujib or take a safari trip to the desert. Jordan has endless opportunities for new adventures – just go and see it for yourself!

Top 3 reasons to study in Jordan:

  • Comfortable Mediterranean climate
  • Affordable living costs
  • Rich culture

Did you know this about Jordan?

  • At 8.9 percent, Jordan has the third lowest illiteracy rate in the Arab world.
  • Almost every single building in Amman is made of stone or concrete and clad with thin, white limestone slabs. Thus there really are no landmarks and every building looks almost identical.
  • The Jodanians believe that praising children excessively can invite bad luck and is generally avoided.