Study in Hong Kong

The quintessence of East and West

Hong Kong, which means “Fragrant Harbour” in English, is an autonomous territory of China. It is well-known for its intercultural development during the time it belonged to the British Empire and continuing even after that period of time. Hong Kong’s unique history and culture has led it to be one of the most buzzing and exciting places in the world today.

Study in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, foreigners will be surprised to find its beautiful countryside landscape mixed within a bunch of skyscrapers standing tall in the city, some of which containing a few of the top quality universities known worldwide. Hong Kong is an ideal place for international students to study, carry out research and immerse themselves in a multi-cultural atmosphere – and maybe even for getting a job afterwards! Being the international hub it has been already for centuries, Hong Kong definitely has interesting opportunities for both studies and working life.

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In Hong Kong, besides Cantonese Chinese, English is also an official language, which allows international students to enjoy and participate in almost all of the activities held in the local region. Besides the advantage of the English language being so commonly spoken, Hong Kong is also popular in for its unique and delicious cuisine with affordable prices. Imagine your morning starting with Wonton noodles, continuing later on with Peking duck for lunch and ending a long day of studies digging into a hot pot with the company of your fellow students. Of course, western meals are also widely available in almost any place within the country.

For students with high academic achievements, Hong Kong offers various scholarships funded by HKSAR Government and other organisations. So, why hesitate and waste any more precious minutes? Let’s go explore Hong Kong now!

Top 3 reasons to study in Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong is the place where the East meets the West.
  • Hong Kong has many outdoor activities.
  • Hong Kong has one of the most qualified educational systems in the world.

Did you know this about Hong Kong?

  • Hong Kong has more Roll Royce’s per person than any other country in the world.
  • Most Hong Kong toilets run on seawater.
  • The 1958 the Hong Kong CHA CHA Championship was won by famous martial art s expert, Bruce Lee!

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