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France is located in Western Europe and shares borders with six other countries, making it very well connected to the rest of Europe. With its remarkable history, nature, culture, literature, art, cuisine, wines, sights and climate, it’s understandable why it is the most visited country in the world.

The educational system in France is determined to offer its’ students the best in academics with excellent comprehension of their area of interest, and applicable skills that will guarantee success in their post-graduate pursuits. Studying in French universities is very competitive, and students will often only graduate to higher years if their grades are good enough.

What is different from many other countries is that French class sizes are small and the instructors are very involved with their students’ learning. This means getting the time, attention and help needed to support your learning.

Study in France

There are both public universities and private Grandes Ècoles in France, located all over the country as well as in the French territories outside of Europe. French universities are open to all students that have passed their baccalauréat, but in scientific and medical programs require you to have a baccalauréat in that subject prior.

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Since the state funds higher education, tuition costs in France are very low. Depending on the university and level of education, i.e. licence, master, doctorate, the average amount of tuition per year is between 150 and 700 €. Naturally, private Grandes écoles are notably more expensive, ranging up to 10,000 € per year. Students are eligible for discounts in restaurants and when using public transportation which balances the slightly higher costs of living compared to neighbouring countries.

For free-time, France offers countless things to do and see. Besides visiting the sights in Paris, “The City of Light”, you can enjoy the Alps, the French Riviera and the Atlantic coast, for example.

Top 3 reasons to study in France:

  • High-quality education with a long history.
  • Immersing yourself in a rich culture.
  • Tradition of welcoming students from abroad.

Did you know this about France?

  • Unlike in some other countries, religious instruction is not given by public schools.
  • Mont-Blanc, located in the French Alps, is the highest peak in Europe.
  • France produces around 350-400 different types of cheeses. Yum!

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