Study in Cameroon

One of the most stable educations in Africa

Located on the Gulf of Guinea, in the centre of Africa, Cameroon is famous for its variant terrain and wildlife. Cameroon has promoted its education to be one of the best in Africa. In the past, there were two different education systems in the West and East Cameroon. However, they have been merged into one stronger system.

In higher education, there are eight universities funded by the state and plenty of private universities. In general, compared to nearby countries in Africa, Cameroon’s public higher education has a stable academic system. Nevertheless, private schools are reshaping their education and rebuilding a better one as well.

These days, studying in Cameroon is open to students since it provides many kinds of scholarships, such as the David Boren L. Scholarship. It encourages candidates to look for challenging and non-traditional destinations, such as Cameroon, and those of interest of the federal government. The preservation and maintenance of the currently enjoyed safety in Cameroon really fits this target. Awards up to $25,000 are bundled with scholarships for service agreements. The best candidates are the ones who show a career interest in national security, and in this case, preserving the established peace.

Study in Cameroon

There is some information and tips about living in Cameroon that international students should know before they go there. Considering the money problem, ATMs are quite rare, but Douala and Yaounde city centers are available for money services. For shopping or other financial operations, students need to use Cameroon’s currency (CAF francs). Additionally, it is better if students take a cab to travel since it is safer and then they are less likely to get lost. Taxi Start will cost around $1.00 and the price of travelling 1km will be around $0.50, which is quite reasonable.

The music culture is really strong in Cameroon so it is definitely a place for music lovers. Football is the national sport and Cameroon has qualified seven times for the World Cup – more than any other African nation. Sometimes they even combine music and football in Cameroon, like the striker Roger Milla, who had one of the most famous goal celebration dances in the world!

Top 3 reasons to study in Cameroon:

  • One of the most stable educations in Africa
  • Good scholarship programs
  • Low costs of living

Did you know this about Cameroon?

  • The government introduced free primary education in 2000. Therefore, enrolment at primary level is high, at around 90 % of kids.
  • Cameroon’s flag has a star and three colors: green for vegetation, red for independence and yellow for sunshine.
  • Cameroon is one of the wettest lands on the earth with annual rainfall of about 1028 cm.