Study in Azerbaijan

A unique combination of Asia and Europe in one country

Azerbaijan, or officially the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a multinational and multi-confessional Post-Soviet country, located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, can be called “an oil center” as the first oil well was drilled here. Also, the world’s first water tanker was launched in Baku, as well as the whole oil production itself started in the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In general, visitors of Azerbaijan will learn the history of the country and the Muslim religion as a whole simply by walking down the streets and taking in the architecture and pieces of art. In addition, Azerbaijan if highly multicultural, and it gives an insight on different cultures, languages and cuisines.

Study in Azerbaijan

Governmental spending for education takes second place from all combined expenses, following only the army funding which comes in first place. Therefore, large amounts of money are allocated from the state budget of Azerbaijan for education. Azerbaijani universities are open for international students. However, those students may face the problem of accommodation, as there are not enough apartments for all university students.

In most cases, overseas students have to pay for their education, but there is a number of various agreements and plans for cooperation in the field of science and culture between Azerbaijan and other countries, and such plans can guarantee a student free education. In order to study in Azerbaijan, a foreigner has to pass the Azerbaijani language test, regardless of the language of studying.

Top 3 reasons to study in Azerbaijan:

  • Foreigners, especially from other Post-Soviet countries, can study here for free and even get a scholarship
  • A unique combination of Asia and Europe in one country
  • Muslim history and traditions

Did you know this about Azerbaijan?

  • Azerbaijan is the first Muslim country which has granted women equal political rights with men.
  • Classic Azerbaijani lunch lasts three or more hours.

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