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Argentina is the second largest country in South America and the 4th largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, only after Mexico, Spain and Colombia. Spanish and its status and usefulness as one of the most spoken languages in the world is one of the greatest attractions for international students to study here. Tango, in addition to a number of other cultural wonders, came from Argentina as well.

Famous for its high levels of literacy across age and socio-economic groups, education has always been an integral part of the Argentinian cultural tradition, even before the country officially became the Argentina State. The importance of education is also reflected in the age of the largest universities in Cordoba and Buenos Aires, which were founded in 1631 and 1821 respectively.

Every single year there are more than 90,000 international students enrolling into different Argentinian universities. Its’ high number of international students makes this country both very student-friendly and very student-oriented. Services for students are accommodating and comprehensive when you study in Argentina. The students are, in general, seen as one of the crucial building blocks of the modern Argentinian society; as it is understood that they will be in charge of leading the country in the future and they are treated accordingly.

Study in Argentina

Not only do international students benefit from getting to know one of the oldest and most sophisticated countries in South America, but they will also start making friends with a wide range of other students from all across the world, thus, creating a global network of future colleagues and associates.

There are 47 national universities in Argentina that are financed by the Ministry of Education. Around 80% of all students are studying in these public universities while the rest are getting their education in one of the 49 private universities in Argentina. All public universities in Argentina are tuition free up until studies begin for postgraduate degrees. These programs then charge very reasonable tuition fees, making the country an extremely attractive destination for students.

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Furthermore, Argentina in general is an affordable country to live in. Accommodation and living costs are low and students have easy and affordable access to services such as health care and public transportation. Since it is mandatory that these costs stay low, money can easily be allocated to free time activities, such as travelling and exploring the beautiful countryside, as well as visiting other countries in the South American continent. Argentina is full of natural stunners, such as Aconcagua, the highest peak in all of the Americas, as well as other natural attractions as varied as deserts, glacier-carved valleys, steeping waterfalls and crystal clear lakes.

Top 3 reasons to study in Argentina:

  • One of the highest literacy rates in the world – excellent academic standards and rooted in tradition.
  • Affordable costs of living.
  • Astonishing nature and interesting culture.

Did you know this about Argentina?

  • Argentina is nowadays one the most popular places in the world to learn Spanish.
  • Same-sex marriage was legalised nationwide in 2010 and Argentina is the birthplace of the first child in the world to be legally recognised as having two fathers.
  • The country has more psychologists per capita than any other place in the world.

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