Our Mission and Values

Every year, millions of young people around the world face the same question: ”Where to study?” The question is one of the most important ones you encounter when young – yet finding enough information about the endless possibilities in front of you can prove difficult.

You may want to study in an internationally prestigious, top ranked university, be able to follow a competitive sport program, or spend these years in a specific country you’ve always wanted to move to. There are as many rationales as there are people.

Study Advisory’s vision is to revolutionise and simplify the process of finding a place to study. Our modern and innovative online platform offers a possibility to search and compare universities worldwide. We emphasize the student experience and have developed a new university ranking, which is based on student reviews and social interaction. Our goal is to help the youth of the world get unbiased information about higher education and universities. Our service, created with students for the students, is also a perfect place for universities to show their strengths to the rest of the world. We believe in changing the world with education.

Study Advisory makes perfect matches between students and universities all around the world. Our mission is to help every student find the right place to study and to get access to unbiased information about higher education.

Our Values

Our team wants more than anything help young people find the university of their dreams. We have tons of personal experience on how much the reasons behind choosing a school can vary. We followed our passions and encourage you to do the same.

We want to introduce students to options from a number of view points, and not merely the academic ones. Studying is so much more than getting your name in a publication or the university on your resume: it’s about feeling good on the campus, getting high-quality teaching, being safe, and spending memorable time with all those great new contacts that will take you further in your life.

For universities, we provide unique and exciting marketing opportunities on a truly international platform.

In everything that we do, we keep in our minds our mission and these four key values:

Reliable & Informative

Our online service provides reliable and comprehensive information about universities, higher education and students’ experiences all over the world.


To increase global student mobility, we work together with students and universities worldwide. Our service is available in several languages and accessible to everyone with internet connection.


To best serve the needs of the students, we actively follow the trends in university world and frequently develop new features in our service.


Study Advisory is a social enterprise which yearly donates part of its revenue for charity to help improve education as a basic human right. Our service encourages social interaction and helps students and universities connect with each other.

Study Advisory's mission and values