Study in Slovenia

The Sunny Side of the Alps

Located in the southern Central Europe, Slovenia is famous for its towering mountains, outdoor activities and ski resorts. Slovenian education system has been successfully cultivated in the past few years. Especially, higher education has had many legislative and structural changes. Thus, people in Slovenia have more chances to apply for higher education. The number of students in institutions is rapidly increasing.

Higher education in Slovenia has four branches: universities, faculties, art academies and professional colleges. Courses are designed by the senate of the institutions. Study programs are approved by the state. Students will receive a diploma after completing those programs. Courses will be assessed in credit points based on the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).  One credit point represents 25–30 student working hours. One academic year is from 1,500 to 1,800 student working hours. In addition to teaching, research and art activities are also conducted.

Study in Slovenia

Most of Slovenians are really good at speaking English and German. Students can regard this fact as an advantage since English and German are among the most spoken languages in the world. Slovenians speak Italian and Hungarian in some areas as well. All lectures for international students are provided in English. Hence, they don’t have to worry so much about language barriers.

The Slovenian government is generous and cares much about education issues so they offer many kinds of subsidies for students. Thanks to student benefits, you can get a pizza, soup, salad or dessert just for 2.5 €. Student benefits are also applied to 80 % restaurants in Slovenia. In addition, there are discounts in accommodation which can cost as little as 80 € to 150 € per month with all costs covered and in other activities such as sports.

Top 3 reasons to study in Slovenia:

  • Upgraded education
  • Great subsidies from government
  • Fluency in English and German languages

Did you know this about Slovenia?

  • The compulsory basic education takes 9 years (6 years in primary school and 3 years in secondary school).
  • Slovenia is bordered by four countries: Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary.
  • In Slovenia, you can pay to stay in a prison cell at the Hostel Celica in Ljubljana.