Study in Latvia

The land that sings

Latvia has grown to be known as one of the greenest countries in the world. It has pristine nature, which gives the country the allure and attraction to attract a lot of tourists. There you can be near the Baltic Sea coast, be surrounded by a variety of national parks, and get to be in the beautiful capital city of Riga, which was also named as the European Capital of Culture in 2014.

Riga has a lot of international opportunities, and there are students from more than 80 countries. Latvia is known to be a safe and welcoming country. Moreover the quality of studies is quite high, implementing practical and interactive learning. On top of all this, there are a lot of exchange opportunities in different universities since the institutions aim to be quite international these days.

Study in Latvia

The cost of living in Latvia is considered affordable for students. The student life in Latvian cities is very active and there is a lot going on almost every day. There are tons of activities and events that are organized throughout the year. These activities include world-class performances of classical music, ballet and art galleries.

Also, Latvia has a very lively nightlife filled with fun activities. There are loads of festivals. In the first week of August everyone is invited to attend the country’s birthday. Something to keep in mind is that its modern communication services are all up to date and available in Latvia.

Top 3 reasons to study in Latvia:

  • Good quality education
  • Very well developed communication facilities
  • Riga is a beautiful city with lots of interesting things going on all the time

Did you know this about Latvia?

  • One of top greenest countries in the world.
  • In Latvia, singing is a part of daily life. Latvians are good singers and singing is like a way of life for Latvians. It is still considered cool amongst young people in Latvia to sing in a choir, for example. Maybe you will give it a shot while you study there?

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