What do students really want?

Every good start-up will boldly go to the grass root level to figure out what are the true needs and ambitions of their target groups. So did we at Study Advisory – with the help of some of the most awesome interns ever!

So we have had really talented and hard-working interns from Häme School of Applied Sciences, also known as HAMK, for this ongoing summer. In a weeks time we collected over 400 unique answers from students in 48 different countries with the help of our interns. We got the most answers from Finland, Russia, Vietnam, Kosovo and Germany but also countries like Brazil, Libya, Nigeria, Taiwan and Uzbekistan were represented – how cool is that?

The questionnaire gave new insights into what’s really important to students when choosing a university. First we wanted to know how the youngsters value different information sources. It was no surprise that direct contact with the universities was the most important one:  almost 70 % agreed that university web sites are the most or very valuable source and university visits scored almost 60 %.

But maybe the most important finding was that, for students, friends are an extremely valuable source of information; only 13 % of the youngsters think that friends are not such a valuable source or that they wouldn’t use friends’ opinions at all. We can conclude that almost 9 out of 10 agree that friends provide useful information about different study possibilities.

Last but not least: it was intriguing that only 7 % of the youngsters felt that university rankings are the most important factor when deciding about the future university. Maybe the existing rankings do not provide interesting information or maybe they are not that easy to use. How do you feel about them? What could be done better when it comes to ranking the universities?

Looking at the results of our questionnaire it seems that there is definitely demand for a service like Study Advisory. We shall bring together the opinions of actual students all around the world. We will also create our own rating which will be totally different from the existing academic rankings. We can’t wait to tell you more about it soon… 😉

Criteria about choosing the university as seen on Study Advisory's questionnaire results in the summer of 2015
Criteria about choosing the university as seen on Study Advisory’s questionnaire results in the summer of 2015

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