Student’s experiences: Daniel in Bangkok

Each year, Study Advisory offers scholarships for students from all around the world for BBA and MBA degrees in Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) in Bangkok, Thailand. Daniel from Germany, who spent one year in PIM, was totally amazed by his experience and wanted to share it with you!

Daniel’s experience in Bangkok

One thing was more clear than a blue sky when I started my Master studies in my home university in Germany.

I knew I wanted to spend a year studying at an Asian university. The problem was, that my home university lacked suitable cooperation and networks with Asian counterparts. Thus, I didn’t have much choice but to organize my studies abroad as a free mover. Luckily I could use online platforms in my search of a suitable study place. Some of them offer a large network of Asian universities with academic partnerships in countries like Indonesia, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Daniel with his friends in Bangkok

Asia Exchange and its sister company Study Advisory finally offered me the unique chance to study at the corporate university Panyapiwat Institute of Management (or PIM). PIM follows the work-based education approach with the slogan “create professionals by professionals”. Therefore, most of the lecturers are experts from various branches of industry. This application-based approach was one of the reasons I decided to study in their iMBA program.

The program includes international students from all parts of Asia with students from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand.  So far, I’m the one and only European student, which is great!

Meeting the big bosses

PIM is Thailand’s first and biggest corporate university. University is still quite young, but the establishment and organization of the iMBA program seem very ambitious. In each module PIM invites highly skilled guest speakers to talk about their experience and expertise in their respective fields. You can really see, that the university tries to transmit the knowledge of business community to their students.

I have actually had the opportunity to meet the Ambassador and the Trade Commissioner from New Zealand, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of CP ALL (convenient store business in Thailand under the 7-Eleven trademark) and the Director of Economic Stability Analysis Division in the Ministry of Finance, just to name a few. I think the chance to meet and connect with very smart and dedicated decision makers in the economic and political field makes PIM very special.

Daniel's experience in Bangkok

Every second week, we conducted field trips to big companies such as Haier Ltd., Baidu Inc., or the government agency Thailand Board of Investment. These company visits have given me deep insights into the globally operating Thai and Chinese enterprises.

Learning through GO-game

In addition to the application-based study program, another reason in my decision to study at PIM was the unique China-ASEAN module. It’s focused on the ASEAN business, which China supports by guest speakers with a background in business in China and the ASEAN region.

During one of those lectures I had the chance to learn different oriental philosophical approaches that impact the daily and economic life e.g. Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. Also a crucial part of lectures was to learn and practice the “GO” game (wéiqi, baduk) in order to understand its concepts and applications to business strategy. To learn the philosophy behind the game that has a strong connection to Sun Tzu’s masterpiece The Art of War, taught me a powerful tool to analyze and understand the Asian way of thinking and to apply it to Asian management methods.

As a German with a Western mindset, the China-ASEAN module provided me with valuable knowledge of the driving economical and cultural forces behind the fast-growing Asian market. As the Asian market is going to be the market of the future, this knowledge cannot be estimated high enough.

The organization of the modules and the supervision by the professors and assistants is brilliant. Each staff member of the iMBA program is available for consultation at any time. Besides academic duties, students get help to find accommodation. PIM provides also visa assistance, as well as job-matching services. Students can make use of PIM’s extensive corporate network in China, Japan and ASEAN region. Thereby it’s possible to work in a firm for a month and to solve real business problems. The iMBA program also offers a so-called corporate mentorship. Within this mentorship, each student will be supervised and gets assistance in their career planning by a senior manager from the CP ALL and PIM environment.

Perfect place for travel and discovery

Lectures take place only on the weekends and the field trips are conducted on Friday’s every second week. During the week there is a lot of time to organize trips in and around Bangkok, to meet with student fellows, to train Muay Thai or to chill out at the nearby pool.

The transportations costs in Thailand are very low, so it’s easy and affordable to travel in the spare time. Bangkok is considered to be a central hub and a perfect starting point for one’s adventures to popular tourist regions in the neighboring countries. Whether it’s Myanmar in the west, China and Laos in the north, Cambodia and Vietnam in the east or Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in the south.

Also Thailand itself has an impressive variety of attractive natural and cultural assets. From jungles to mountains, from national parks to beaches, Thailand offers something for every taste. Besides the popular mass tourism destinations, it is possible to conquer and discover the real Thailand outside the touristic areas.

Daniel with his friends in Bangkok

Those who want to take a break from a populated metropolis like Bangkok, can reach islands like Ko Sichang, Ko Kood, Ko Mak or Krabi within a couple of hours and with a little purse.

And let’s not forget Bangkok, either, which provides an immeasurable treasure of hidden things to discover. Even a year abroad is not enough to see and test all the bars, clubs, restaurants, museums, temples and markets.

I can assure, it will never be boring in Bangkok. I can only recommend Thailand and PIM for anyone interested in the combination of quality studies and unforgettable experiences!

Interested in studying in Bangkok?

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