What is Study Advisory?

Study Advisory, ”TripAdvisor for universities”, offers a new way to find a place to study and to compare universities on a global level. We have developed a new Study Advisory Popularity rating, which is based on students’ reviews.

To universities we offer a modern way to reach the most suitable students all over the world. On this page, we explain in more detail what Study Advisory is and what we offer to students, alumni and universities.

Study Advisory for future students

Are you looking for a place to study? Well look no further! Simply dive right in via our search engine!

With the help of Study Advisory, you can compare nearly 12,000 universities from all around the world as well as a wide variety of degree programs. You can certainly find whatever it is you are looking for, no matter if it’s to study in the most famous law school in the world or if it’s as simple as wanting to develop your Spanish language skills during your studies. With the whole world at your fingertips, search as creatively as you like!

Alongside university profiles, you can find valuable reviews and tips from current and former students to help you weigh the pros and cons of the university you are considering applying for. You have our word that these reviews are reliable, as we read them one by one before they are published!

Study Advisory for current and former students

Are you already studying in a university or have you already graduated? Now is your chance to make an impact and have your voice heard!

Did you know? 9 out of 10 young people think that their peers provide useful information when it comes to deciding where to study.* That’s why we are counting on you to share your thoughts and tips regarding your own university, no matter if you are a full degree student or found yourself there on exchange.

By reviewing your university on Study Advisory, you are not only helping other students decide where they should study, but you are also opening the door to valuable information that can only be collected from a student’s point of view.

Want to see the positive effect of your review first hand? For each review we receive from you, we will donate 25 cents to UNESCO’s Programme for the Education of Children in Need. How’s that for your good deed of the day?

What is Study Advisory?
When students are willing to help fellow students, everyone wins!

Study Advisory for universities

Have you found us on behalf of a university? Have you seen your free basic profile yet? Does it have any reviews?

We are here to help your marketing efforts in a new and effective way in hopes to help you find highly qualified potential students. We want to provide the most cost-effective and appealing way to assist university marketing while providing a clean and efficient environment for students to browse for the university and degree program of their dreams.

Contact us for a consultation about our services for universities, or subscribe to Study Advisory today to make the most of your profile.

To read more about the importance of student satisfaction compared to academic rankings, have a look at Melissa Demel’s thesis “Student Satisfaction and Academic Rankings: Do They Correlate?”.

* A study in June 2015 conducted by Study Advisory (over 400 participants from 48 countries). Read more about the results of our research.

What is study advisory
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