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We here at Study Advisory believe that a quality education should be within everyone’s reach – that it is a fundamental human right for all. For people living in third world countries, education can be the very tool by which they can lift themselves out of poverty and into a world full of possibilities. Now is your chance to help us when you rate to donate!

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We personally feel that giving back by charity is an essential part of our business. That is why we will donate 25 cents (EUR) per each student review to our university profiles towards UNESCO’s Program for Education of Children in Need. The program, created in 1992, seeks to offer a future to vulnerable children through access to quality education.

We encourage both universities and students worldwide to donate to charity and help children gain access to an education that they very much deserve. Besides donating 25 cents per review on our university profiles, we also aim to begin new projects and present different education-related charity campaigns on our website in the future. Stay tuned with your help, we will continue to make education more accessible to students of every kind of situation worldwide!

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