Study Advisory Popularity

The Study Advisory Popularity rating is a constantly evolving way of measuring the popularity of universities listed on our site based majorly on the feedback of their students. The more people that are interested in each university, the more accurate the rating of the university becomes.

At the moment the Study Advisory Popularity rating consists of the following three elements:

  • The number of visitors during a month: Each and every visit counts. The number of visits to each university is individually compared to all of the other universities’ profile visits, then all universities are ranked in a descending popularity order of the most visited profile to the least visited profile.  This score contributes to 40% of the overall Study Advisory rating.
  • The number of shares of a university profile: The more the university profile link is shared on social media or via email, the more its popularity increases. The number of shares on Facebook, Twitter and via email are counted individually for each university. Next, the number of shares is then compared to that of other universities’ shares, and then all universities are ranked in a descending popularity order of the most shared profile to the least shared profile. This score contributes to  20% of the overall Study Advisory rating.
  • Average number of ratings given by students: The most important part of the Study Advisory rating is directly affected by the feedback received directly from the students and university alumni reviews. The more reviews the a university profile has, and the better the scores it receives in its’ reviews, the higher the Study Advisory Popularity Score will be. The score in this category is formed by multiplying the average score of the university by the number of its’ reviewers. This score contributes to 40% of the overall Study Advisory rating.

The overall Study Advisory Popularity is the sum of all of the above mentioned parts. The Study Advisory Popularity is then used as a sorting criteria in our service to help students better find the right study place for them.