How can I join Study Advisory?

You can join Study Advisory in two ways:
If you’re a student, you can search for your university and login to rate and review it.
If you are a university, you get a free profile on our platform, or you can subscribe to one of our packages to unlock profile customization features. For more information about unlocking these features, please make yourself more familiar with our services.

Please help me! Where should I study?

That depends entirely on your own ambitions and skills. Why not try our  Study Advisory University search using as many keywords as you like to find the right university for you? You can enter anything you like: from a particular university, to a particular country or city, to the various fields of studies in which you wish to explore. If you’re currently still unsure about where to study and are searching for the perfect country to study in, you can browse through our country profiles. From Iceland to South Africa , or from Peru to New Zealand. Why not? Just go for it!

Why is my university so high/low in the university rating?

If it’s high – congratulations! This means you have devoted students who have given your university great reviews on your profile with Study Advisory. If it’s low and you wish to have a better rating or a better understanding about your results, you can improve the situation the fastest by joining Study Advisory’s fleet of satisfied universities. Our members receive regular reports about their performance in our service, as well as tips from our team of professionals on how to maximise its usage. Go ahead and get those satisfied students of yours to  rate your university as well, and watch your rating rise accordingly!

What is the Study Advisory Popularity rating and how is it created?

We have created our own unique way of comparing higher education institutions from our expertise as both students and instructors. We have seen that the more traditional rankings do not necessarily provide interesting enough information for potential students. Together, in collaboration with leading Finnish universities, we have developed a new way of comparing universities in order to be more student-friendly. You can read more about our rating methodology.

Who are the guys behind Study Advisory?

We are an international team of young and ambitious professionals from a wide range of different fields. Our goal is to make it easier for youngsters to find the university and program of their dreams, as well as to make it easier for universities to market themselves to potential students. For more information about who we are and what we do, feel free to get to know us!