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This page is for the investors. Here we present you Study Advisory and our vision for the future.

The contact person for the investor relations is the acting Managing Director Sami Puttonen. Please contact him for inquiries. You may see the pitch deck here.

Sami Puttonen
Mananging Director
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Up and running since 2015

It all started in a random queue in the middle of a busy conference day, when all Harri wanted was to grab some salad from the buffet. But his best friend and long-time business partner Tuomas had other ideas. Finally he couldn’t even wait to sit down at the table, but decided to step up in front of the buffet:

“I think there should be a service for higher education and universities where university rankings would be based on students’ opinions and reviews. Would you find this interesting?” (Quite a pitch, eh?)

That was the kick-off for Study Advisory’s story.

In the autumn 2016 the founder of Rovio Peter Vesterbacka saw this article about Tuomas and Harri and their education focused businesses. He got excited about Study Advisory and all the possibilities Finland could have in higher education export. Peter joined the team Study Advisory in the role of the advisor.

Times are changing in Finnish higher education in the year 2017. Universities have presented student fees for the international students coming from non-EU/EEA countries so new actions in international marketing and student recruiting are crucial. Finnish higher education has a price tag now. All it needs is someone to sell it, which will be us. That is why we decided to create FinEd Hub.

Management team of Study Advisory

The management team of Study Advisory consists of four original co-founders with different knowledge bases.

Harri Suominen and Tuomas Kauppinen are both long-term entrepreneurs with business degrees and ten years of experience in running a successful business in Finland, even in the middle of financial crises. In 2007 they founded together a company, Asia Exchange, which has grown to be the world’s biggest study abroad company specialized in Asia. Harri and Tuomas have an eye for talent and the ability to surround themselves with creative people from different lines of business.

Co-founders of Study Advisory and Asia Exchange, Tuomas Kauppinen (left) and Harri Suominen (right)
Co-founders of Study Advisory and Asia Exchange,
Tuomas Kauppinen (left) and Harri Suominen (right)

Technical Director of the house,  Antti Järvensivu, is a multi-talented expert in business intelligence and software project management. He has graduated from Technical University of Tampere and runs a data analysist consultation company. Antti is a true problem-solver whose ideas enrich even the most hectic and demanding moments. In addition to that, he is a super-sympathetic dude.

Account Manager Susanne Suominen is an expert in financial management, taxation and entrepreneurship. Susku has a strong business orientation and strong knowledge in accounting. She makes sure that all administrative work runs smoothly in and outside the office.

Sami_Puttonen_pictureIn addition to the original co-founders, in the spring 2016 Sami Puttonen appeared into the picture. With a background in the field of education in the University of Tampere and broad cultural knowledge, Sami has great competences to shape the product to fit on the higher education needs and to push the message through by communicating with different institutions and partners.

Sami joined an educational conference with Tuomas and Harri in summer 2016. The co-founders saw right away that this open-minded young multitasker is something that an open-minded start-up really needs. From August 2016 Sami took the command of the ship and started to steer it as the new Managing Director of Study Advisory.

All the team members have strong interest towards the field of higher education and passion to influence people’s lives and societies on a global level. The most important common factor among all the actors behind Study Advisory is the personal experience in working and studying abroad, which helps them understand the passion of exploring new places and educating oneself.

Study Advisory co-founders

Advisors and Strategic partners

On the side of the management team, Study Advisory has several advisors and identified strategic partners. One of the most important background supporter is “the Mighty Eagle” Peter Vesterbacka who has moved from Rovio and the game industry to the field of education. Vesterbacka has a broad knowledge and expertise in the market area of China, as well as insight and interest towards new waves in education on a global scale.

“With Study Advisory we can make Finland a global educational hub.”
– Peter Vesterbacka

Dream Apply / Dream Foundation

Dream Apply has founded on the roots of Dream Foundation. It forms in good symbiosis an online admission portal that has been established in 2008. However, it only focuses on admissions for EU students.

The goal of collaborating with Dream Apply is to connect their existing tool for admission processes from their portal to our platform, which have a scope on Non-EU/EEA students. By doing that, students could apply on several different universities with only one application. The universities could go through the platform to communicate with the prospect students and handle the application process efficiently.


Headai is specialized on generating artificial intelligence. By using bots, it is possible to automatically screen students application and let them know the best matches. This can be done for example to automatically read applications and spot certain points such as competences & motivation. Those points can be then compared to the ones from previously accepted students to foresee how likely they will fit. In addition, bots can spot frauds where the same letter has been copy pasted from previous ones.

There are four main elements that are shaping Study Advisory’s service:

  • Online platform with matchmaking tool, which forms the core of Study Advisory
  • Recruiting service to connect quality students and universities with perfect match
  • Social aspect for students to share their stories on studying somewhere and to help each other. In addition it includes different student organizations to make sure that students can also enjoy their time outside the classrooms.

Invest in the future and join the FinEd Hub!

The number of students enrolling in higher education worldwide is predicted to double by the year 2025 up to 262 million students. According to statistics of the World Bank Group the international mobility of the students has expanded during the 21st century from 2.1 million students up to 5 millions between the years 2000-2014, and the number keeps growing. Nowadays, there are 20.000 international students in Finland. The Finnish government has announced the goal to triple it up to 60.000 by 2025,  but we decided to put the goal a little higher.

In the turn of the year 2017 a new picture started to appear into the horizon for Study Advisory. Common vision of Study Advisory and Peter Vesterbacka is to bring 100.000 international students to Finland from different Asian countries. Sounds like a lot, but that is still a drop in the ocean of the student mobility coming from Asia to the western countries.

Finland’s competence in education has an excellent global reputation. The new situation demands some serious updating in the branding and student recruiting practices. Together with Peter Vesterbacka Study Advisory has launched a project FinEd Hub in January 2017. The Study Advisory team wants to create concrete tools and new practices that reply to the challenges of the increasing student mobility.

Digitalisation and globalisation are transforming the ways to connect and communicate with prospective international students. In co-operation with chosen higher education institutions Study Advisory is creating new ways to lighten the bureaucracy in the application procedures and finding new technical solutions for the student recruiting. Study Advisory wants to be the flagship of the Finnish education and become the most used service provider in the field of higher education.

Six good reasons to invest in Study Advisory

  • Co-founders have strong background in the field of student mobility
  • Multi-talented team is passionate about international higher education
  • Study Advisory has modern solutions for future challenges globally and locally
  • Customers already waiting our beta product to be finished and utilized on full action, and several universities have already paid in our service even it is not 100% ready yet
  • Users are already lining up to engage with our full service
  • Support and advise from the leading higher education institutions in Finland and start-up -adviser Peter Vesterbacka

Are you in?

The contact person for the investor relations is the acting Managing Director Sami Puttonen. Please contact him for inquiries. You may see the pitch deck here.

Sami Puttonen
Mananging Director
+358 45 846 3991