Study in the Middle East

Sandy deserts with camel caravans, fabulous modern cities with the world’s tallest skyscrapers and traditional Bedouin camps. When you study in the Middle East, universities will continue to make great progress not only in attracting a very serious crowd of international students, but also in carrying out world recognised academic research. Most parts of the Middle East are very safe to live and study in, and most universities take their security measures very seriously.

Needless to say, the job market in the Middle East is booming. For someone who gets their degree in the Middle East, there is a clear advantage, especially since the business culture is already a clear part of the culture. Networking with companies during studies in areas such as Dubai and Qatar might very well result in interesting job offers right after graduation. Countries in this area are constantly looking for educated and passionate young talent to join their growing international teams.

Some of the most esteemed universities in the world have branched over to the Middle East and established satellite campuses there. Most of these campuses offer degrees that are fully acknowledged in the original country of the university itself; such as Australia, the UK or USA. Getting a degree from a satellite university will open doors not only in the Middle East, but as well as the rest of the world!

Study in the Middle East

Tuition fees and scholarships

Depending on the country of your studies, tuition fees might be quite high in the Middle East. However, there are interesting scholarship programs available to you as well.

Studies prepare you for the region’s blooming working life

From high-tech studies in the innovative atmosphere of Israel, to historical studies in Oman, the Middle East has it all. Maybe you want to prepare yourself for working life in Tel Aviv, one of the most interesting start-up hubs in the world right now, or maybe you just want to have a deeper understanding of the beautiful Arabic culture and language.

When you study in the Middle East, it will provide you with almost whatever you need during your studies in a very interesting surrounding. Where in the world can you find a better place to study peace and conflict resolutions or history? Leading universities in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates offer their students great opportunities to prepare themselves for the working world.

Free time with a very international twist

Many Middle Eastern countries are striving to make it a truly international study abroad destination. You can see that very much both in school and during your free time. Your university may host students from well over 100 different countries, and the range of activities available vary according to that: drama clubs, rugby teams, soccer teams, movie clubs, debate teams and even figure skating groups!

Traveling around the Middle East is easy and interesting in itself. It is home to some of the world’s best airlines, which makes the traveling itself an experience of a lifetime … even if you are flying coach with a student budget! Middle Eastern dishes are likely to satisfy even the most hardcore of foodies, with fresh ingredients and beautiful spices.

Study in the Middle East

Places to study in the Middle East:

Bahrain – Hot and expensive, but so promising.
Iran – Beauty, diversity and a long, rich history.
– Study where our civilisation began.
Israel – A country that highly values education among its people.
Jordan – Safe country with a rich culture.
Kuwait – Study in the country with a great need for skilled people.
Oman – Where the number of international students is increasing everyday.
Qatar – Country that is going big in wealth!
Saudi Arabia – Huge wealthy country increasingly investing in education.
United Arab EmiratesSetting goals, and achieving them… fast!