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Oxbridge traditions and cultural diversity

The United Kingdom, comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is an island state in North-Western Europe. The UK has always enjoyed a beyond par reputation for its educational system, especially in higher education – for a good reason. Some of the finest universities in the world, Oxford and Cambridge, are located in the UK but there are additionally dozens of other universities that regularly rank in the top 35 universities in the world. A degree from a university in the UK will be noticed and respected all around the globe.

In the UK, students in higher education are usually 18 years old or over. These students have already completed A-levels, or equivalent, in the UK or another country. Undergraduate programs in the UK include Bachelor degrees, foundation degrees, higher national diplomas and so on. Regarding postgraduate studies, there are Master’s degrees, MBAs and PhDs. Most courses are provided by the universities, although many are taught in colleges, special art institutions, business schools or agricultural colleges.

Study in United Kingdom

Thanks to a British education, students are more likely to be employed by multinational companies and receive higher salaries. Nowadays, employers have a strong preference for multilingual candidates with multicultural experiences. A British education can help students build that foundation.

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The UK Immigration department requires students to have a £1020 budget/month but in reality the minimum budget to live in UK is £800/ month or less, if you’re living in a cheaper city. Besides living costs, tuition fees need to be paid as well. If students get scholarships, the costs can be significantly reduced. Scottish universities are free for EU students at the Bachelor’s level.

The UK is home to people from all around the world and British universities also host students from everywhere in the world. Studying in the UK enables you to build a truly international network of friends and future colleagues and be a transformative experience as a whole, educating you to become an open-minded member of the global society.

Top 3 reasons to study in United Kingdom:

  • Best universities in Europe in an academic sense.
  • Education in English.
  • Cultural diversity.

Did you know this about the United Kingdom?

  • UK universities and research institutions have produced 107 Nobel Prize winners .
  • The London Eye is the tallest observation wheel in the world and each rotation takes 30 minutes.
  • Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK, but there are 30 other places called Birmingham around the world. There’s even a crater on the moon with the same name!

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