Study in Kosovo

Affordable studies at the heart of the Balkans

Kosovo is landlocked in the central Balkan Peninsula. Its capital and largest city is Pristina. In antiquity, the Dardania Kingdom, and later the Roman province of Dardania was located in the region.

Exploring educational opportunities around the world is exciting, but it is also a complex process in nearly all situations. For students who plan to travel and earn an education in Kosovo, it is important to determine how to do so properly and understand its worth.

Because of the range of conflicts and unique structures in this area, it is important to consider the benefits of enrolling in education here. The Republic of Kosovo declared itself an independent state in 2008. Not all international countries recognize it as such, though. As a result, many of the governmental laws and regulations here are not clearly defined. This means that students who wish to study here will need to do so after careful consideration and direct application to the school of their choice.

In Kosovo, public universities do not provide studies in English language. There are a few of private universities which offer English language studies in different fields for which a tuition fee has to be paid.

Study in Kosovo

However, the cost of living in Kosovo is very affordable. If you want to live in university dormitories the price is about 25 euro/month, if you want to live in a private apartment then the price is about 150–200 euro/month. All together, including living, eating and transport can cost about 300 euro/month.

Kosovo has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. It is surrounded by mountains where you can hike, climb or ski. There are also lakes, rivers and farms with beautiful landscapes, followed by the Illyrian architecture and old fortresses. There are buzzing cafes in cities where crowds gather together to spend fun, social nights together with a group of friends.

Top 3 reasons to study in Kosovo:

  • Low living costs
  • Friendly people
  • Cheap and highly educated workforce

Did you know this about Kosovo?

  • One semester in a public university costs around 50 euros.
  • Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe.
  • The National Library in Pristina has been chosen to be one of the ugliest building architecturally.