Study in Egypt

Where it all begins…

The Arabic Republic of Egypt is known for its civilisation by the Ancient Egyptians. It carries a lot of history within itself, making it a very attractive place to live and study. Therefore, it is very well-respected.

An important thing worth mentioning about Egypt is that the costs of living are quite low compared to that of other countries. Moreover, the exchange rates are quite favourable, which also makes food and other living costs very affordable for international students. On top of that, it is the land of countless opportunities!

Study in Egypt

Study-wise, Egypt is a very interesting country to go to school in. It is fascinating to live nearby the old pyramids, the city of Alexandria, the Nile River, the Mediterranean and many of the other mesmerising attractions that make Egypt the unique place it is today. There are very well-respected universities in Egypt. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, has been ranked as one of the best student cities in the world. Moreover, Egypt’s government is exploring different programs in order to make their universities more internationally competitive.

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As for the fun activities and nightlife, Egypt’s coffee shops are open most of the time, even until the early hours of the morning. There are also clubs where you can spend some free time mixing and mingling with other students and locals.

When in Egypt, it is worth of exploring every corner of every space. There are a lot of well-kept secrets and fascinating oddities to be found here if only you know where to look. Also, something not to forget is that the most famous sport is football. So sit back and relax with your new-found friends while watching some good ol’ soccer.

Top 3 reasons to study in Egypt:

  • Low costs makes living affordable.
  • Exploring the ancient culture.
  • Awesome opportunities to spend your free time.

Did you know this about Egypt?

  • It is constantly improving its’ education system to make it globally competitive.
  • The country is called “the mother of the world”.
  • Egyptians have a very distinguish sense of humour.

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