Study In Africa

First, we’ve got to ask: Did you know that the oldest university in the world is actually from Africa? Yep, the University of al-Qarawiyyin was founded in Morocco in 859. Now that we got that important bit of history out of the way, we can concentrate on the future. If you want to study in Africa, you should know that there is a huge amount of economic growth going on in Africa right now, and it’s indeed one of the world’s fastest-growing regions. Despite the current situation of the world economy, huge investments are being made to Africa by various companies and even by various countries, such as China.

In North African countries such as Egypt and Morocco, the roots of education stretch deep into the national culture. On the other hand, some of the most famous universities in Africa nowadays are situated in the very Southern part of “Mama Africa”. Maybe you would want to complete your studies in the populous “Giant of Africa” and continue your career in the continuously evolving Nigerian business life instead? The sheer size of this continent offers you loads of options!

Study in Africa

Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition fees can vary a lot in Africa. Many universities do offer on-campus accommodation for students which helps the student budget quite a bit. Scholarships are also provided from various sources. Overall, the living costs in Africa are in most cases very affordable, so you may end up spending much less for living expenses when you study in Africa rather than in some other emerging economies in the world.

Courses made to prepare you for working life

In Africa, you definitely will be prepared for working life while you are studying. You will get valuable practical experiences which will help you master African economics. This might be very appealing to future employers, especially those looking for growth opportunities in Africa. If you’re planning to work for the third sector, Africa is a great place to start. Many international organisations offer several kinds of internships, which can surely be the first step towards bringing you to the next level of your career. Or maybe you are interested in other more exotic subjects; such as Zoology? We certainly can’t think of any better place to study animal biology than in Africa!

Many universities in Africa provide their students with the possibility to do some charity work during their studies. This element helps to make studies carried out in Africa very meaningful, and helps students to learn first hand about African culture while doing voluntary work in a truly authentic environment.

Keeping busy during your free time

Free time activities in Africa can seem limitless! Whether it’s exploring the lush wine areas in South Africa, following abandoned safari trails in Kenya or experiencing the busy bazars in Tunisia, you will always find something to do to cultivate your mind. Although travelling to other countries in Africa might be time-consuming, it’s an experience in itself and you will find it’s so worth it! Who wouldn’t want to see the “big five” game animals on their spring break, or sip some authentic Moroccan mint tea underneath the Arabic sky?

Universities can also help by arranging all kinds of activities for their students to do in their free time. You can, for example, do some voluntary work along with your fellow students, or join in on an excursion. Universities in Africa also boast many clubs, societies and groups where you can network. Maybe you would also want to learn a local language in your free time? South Africa itself has 11 official languages, so there are plenty to choose from!

Study in Africa

Places to study in Africa:

Algeria – “By the people and for the people”
Angola – Fast growing economy with interesting opportunities
Botswana – Variety of study options and exotic wildlife
Cameroon – One of the most stable educations in Africa
Democratic Republic of Congo – Reformed education and geological wonders
– Where it all begins…
Ethiopia – Study while experiencing the wonders of Africa
Ghana – Unusual cultures and traditions, beautiful nature and amazing castles
Kenya – Higher education in one of the most developed African countries
Morocco – Get a degree in a progressing country with a long history
Namibia – Wonderful amazing nature and a variety of tribes
Nigeria – Improved education with scholarships and exotic wildlife
Senegal – Study in “Our Boat”
Tanzania – Reformed education and natural ecology
Tunisia – Unique history with high ambitions for education
Uganda – “The Pearl of Africa”
South Africa – “The rainbow nation”