Nowadays, international mobility is a worldwide trend. People do move much more than before to different countries for studies, work, or just travel. Often they also meet their spouse which leads them to settle down into a new country. More and more universities around the world understand the importance of international student import and are offering degree studies taught in English. Students who after graduating stay in Finland to work are valuable for the development of both the economy and culture. In the workplace, they can bring some new interesting ideas for the company itself and also for the work community in general.



Celebrating Finland’s 100 years of Independence, Study Advisory aims to find at least 100 Finnish companies that value our vision for a truly global Finland. The goal is to start a public discussion and to show that there are companies in Finland who are open for international talents.

Hiring international workers can have a positive impact by creating new jobs and expanding personal and company networks while improving language skills and cultural understanding. Finland is a good country to live in. That is the reason why Study Advisory wanted to create this campaign. Finland can profit from international talents and international talents can profit from working in Finland. Together we help rise the economy!

Internationals in Finland

In addition to studies, there are many other reasons for which people move to Finland. Some decide to move with their family and others for a life close to nature, others move in with their Finnish spouse. No matter what the reason was, upon arrival they all face the same challenges: searching for a job.

Unfortunately, many companies do not hire foreigners for two major reasons. Firstly, there is the fear of the unknown, or even worse the fear of the stereotype. Locals can easily understand and cooperate with other locals. Secondly, there is the language barrier. Everyone is used to speaking only Finnish in the office and do not to make the extra effort of breaking the language barrier with a foreign employee. As a result, the unemployment rate for the immigrants coming to Finland is huge. There are so many hidden talents in these people. It is unnecessary to expect potential employees to speak Finnish when they first arrive to the country.

Study Advisory team

Make it international. Make it work.

“In general many organizations haven’t yet realized the potential of international talents which is sometimes also about attitude that in Finland person must speak Finnish in order to get hired, which is something we want to see to change” Sami Puttonen, Managing Director at Study Advisory.

Study Advisory is a truly international startup company. Its employees are not expected to know any Finnish when entering the office. At the same time, foreign employees can improve their Finnish language skills in a relaxing atmosphere. In Study Advisory all the work material and communication is in English. The meetings with the Hong Kong office create a rainbow of different dialects. Getting used to truly international team helps staff to network with different target groups also outside office.

“Working in an international environment has allowed me to learn different ways of thinking and approaching everyday work tasks.” Dimitra Panopoulou-Huovila, International Coordinator at Study Advisory.

There are so many benefits in working in an international workplace. Different cultures have different work ethics, methodology and different ways of thinking. A company can thrive by embracing these differences and allowing its employees to develop.

“Working in a multicultural company gives a lot of benefits to my professional growth and development. It’s always great to see the way people of different nationalities and cultures think and work. Diversity is a key for any successful company that’s aiming at a global level.” Alexandra Artemova, intern at Study Advisory.

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