Study in Serbia

Country of cultural variety

Population of Serbia consists approximately of 7.3 million people and it was always known as a border between east and west. Universities in Serbia focus on academic teaching and scientific knowledge with European standards.

The higher education system of Serbia is divided into 8 public and 10 private universities, which provide Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees. As an important advantage, diplomas of Serbian universities are recognized in all countries of the European Union. Having one gives you an extra advantage when searching for the work placement.

To obtain Bachelor’s degree students need to study for 3–4 years, 1–2 year for Master’s degree and 3 years for a Doctorate. When it comes to medical education, studying in one of faculties of pharmaceuticals, veterinary or dentistry will take about 5–6 years.

Study in Serbia

Tuition fees for higher education for foreigners are about 4 times more expensive than for the citizens of Serbia. Tuition fees in Serbia vary depending on the degree program and education institution student is applying for. Fees also may change every academic year. Therefore, it is best to check the university admissions document for up-to-date information. The most expensive faculties are considered to be faculties of architecture and medicine and the cheapest ones are faculties of physics, mathematics and chemistry.

When getting the higher education in Serbia, students will be able to travel to many European and non-European countries. Good choice are the neighbouring countries which are Croatia, which is boarding with Serbia on the northwest, Hungary on the north, Romania on the northeast, Bulgaria on the east, Macedonia on the south, and Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the west.

Top 3 reasons to study in Serbia:

  • Possibility to get a good-quality European education
  • Opportunities to study and work partly in Serbian and English
  • The capital, Belgrade, has excellent nightlife

Did you know this about Serbia?

  • Serbia joined the Bologna Process in 2003.
  • Serbia is one of the few countries in Europe that has a visa-free regime together with both the European Union and Russia.
  • Vampire is originally a Serbian word, which is now used everywhere in the world.

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