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Super-quality education in a wealthy Scandinavian country

Denmark is located in Northern Europe, comprising the Jutland peninsula and its offshore islands, and linking Northern Europe and Scandinavia via the Öresund Bridge. Denmark is a special country, which has much to offer for its citizens as well as for its international guests, who come from various other countries to get an awesome education. Higher education institutions of Denmark are focused on international standards, and offer a large range of programs in English.

There are three types of higher education institutions for you to use to study in Denmark: vocational schools, colleges and universities. The duration of a vocational school program is usually from 2–5 years. Colleges provide students with a Bachelor’s degree within 3-4 years. Universities offer a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs. A variety of the programs taught in English are quite developed, with more than 1,000 courses, including more than 200 masters and doctoral degree programs.

Study in Denmark

One of the main educational features of Denmark is its constant co-operation with business organisations and research institutions. Systematically organised business meetings, visits to the headquarters of leading companies and professional internship opportunities prepare future professionals for occupational activities on a national and international level.

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Tuition fees in Denmark vary depending on the degree program of choice and from which education institution the student chooses to study in. Fees also change every academic year, therefore it is best to check with the university admissions team for the most up-to-date information.

Denmark’s location can be considered a gateway to Europe and to other Scandinavian countries. It takes about an hour to get to Berlin by plane and less than two hours to get to London. Also, popular destinations such as Barcelona, Rome, Vienna and Prague are all just a few hours flight away!

Danish universities recommended by Study Advisory:

Business Academy Aarhus has almost as many part time students as full time students. Tuition is organised in small teams, group work, project work, cooperation with trade and industry, realistic cases and compulsory internships, and qualifications are designed in relation to partner companies aiming at integrating the most specific and relevant innovation projects. Link to Business Academy Aarhus’s own website.

Lillebaelt Academy of Applied Sciences is a bachelor-level higher education institute. It offers degrees in hospitality, tourism and sports management, as well as computer design and entrepreneurship. Link to Lillebaelt Academy of Applied Sciences’ own website.

Top 3 reasons to study in Denmark:

  • World-class education system.
  • Dozens of possibilities for research and practical development.
  • Almost 86 % of the population is fluent in English.

Did you know this about Denmark?

  • Denmark spends on education around 8.3 % of its GDP (with an average of 4.9 %), which is one of the highest rates in the world.
  • Denmark consists of the Jutland peninsula, the larger islands of Zealand, Funen, and Lolland-Falster and 429 other named islands between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, 72 of which are inhabited.
  • The Copenhagen harbour is clean enough to swim in – believe it or not!

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