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India is a distinct country that holds a rich culture full of legends and history, along with a lot of different ceremonies and other traditions. India has a lot of events and festivals to take part in all year long. One will find various choices of food and a unique way of celebrating things.

There are lot of virtues that make India an eligible place to live in. Its’ economy has been developing with a fast pace in the last few years. Multicultural elements are found in markets all over India. Moreover, Indians feel very close to each other and are ready to lend a hand in any needed occasion. The transportation systems in India are cheap, comfortable and fast.

In India, they make foreigners a part of their culture and they are willing to integrate both cultures into one happy circle. If the traditional culture of India is too much for you to handle at first, you can always escape to New Delhi where you can encounter the more modern aspects of the Indian culture.

Study in India

If you have an aspiration for a quality education and making your dreams become reality, then India is the right place for you to study. With a large number of universities and colleges, when you study in India there is a large spectrum of different fields to study. Over the years, the education system of India has changed and modernised; education now being one of the top priorities of the government.

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Just like most other things in India, the nightlife is quite distinct. Nightlife in India for some means resting after a long day of school, or for others it has the traditional meaning of going out and spending time with friends in some of the many hip bars and clubs.

What makes India so special is that it has 28 states, and each of them is different from one next, meaning that they each have their own fashion of dress, food and traditions. The best part is of course the mixture of people!

Top 3 reasons to study in India:

  • Study in one of the most influential countries in the world
  • A variety of cultures, people and food
  • A developed education system

Did you know this about India?

  • India has over 300 universities, and around 17,000 colleges.
  • India is 34,000 years old.
  • A motorcycle in India can accommodate 4 people – just go there and experience it yourself!

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