Study in Chile

Why visit a bunch of different countries when you can see everything in one?

Chile is a South American country spread out over 4,300 km (2,670 miles) north to south, which encompasses a remarkable variety of climates and landscapes. Well known as a house of festivals, Chile is uniquely created in many aspects from culture to language (Spanish, German and English).

Chile has an extensive network of universities and associated facilities that help you to make the most of your education experience with a less expensive living cost. Basic goods and services are affordable for everyone who wishes to immerse themselves into a foreign culture and get a taste of the adventure and the great outdoors that Chile has to offer.

Study in Chile

In addition to English (used commonly because of British immigrants), students have the opportunity to practice Spanish (the third most spoken language) with the friendly and hospitable Chileans, or even with a host family.

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Thanks to its extreme geographical contrasts, Chile is an absolute paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. “Why visit a bunch of different countries when you can see everything in one?”, Chile is a country of extreme. After a hard semester, it’s ideal to explore Chile’s untamed wilderness; spend a night in the Atacama Desert, ski the Andes or swim in the Pacific Ocean! Moreover, you can experience the lively, colourful festivals and join in on celebrating with local events.

Chile is nowadays one of South America’s most stable and prosperous nations, which leads other Latin American nations in the rankings of human development, competitiveness, income per capita, globalisation, state of peace, economic freedom and its low rate of corruption.

When students come here, they can safely develop from many angles and enrich their horizon for travelling. There are also plenty of jobs, especially in English teaching, waiting for you to snag once you get settled in.

Top 3 reasons to study in Chile:

  • A perfect destination for students who love exploring wildlife and travelling
  • Many festivals and culture are waiting for you to discover
  • A great place to learn Spanish

Did you know this about Chile?

  • Chile’s National Library, completed in 1924, has 1.8 million volumes and is the largest national library of a Spanish-speaking country outside of Spain.
  • Chile is the longest country in the world from north to south at 2,647 miles long and extends across 38 degrees of latitude.
  • Chile also has one of the highest lakes above sea level in the world, called “Lake Chungara”.