Study in the Bahamas

It’s better in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a tropical place, an image of paradise! Full of beauty and island adventures, it has incredible scenery and crystal clear blue waters that can even be pinpointed by astronauts from outer space! The nature and water is what has helped make the Bahamas develop both economically and culturally. What also makes this country so special is the very welcoming locals.

Study in the Bahamas

One thing is for sure, you will never get bored in the Bahamas. Over the last few years, the Bahamas has opened various new activities such as sports, water sports, cultural sites, several wonderful restaurants, duty-free shopping locations and great nightlife venues. In a nutshell, student life in the Bahamas will certainly be very colourful and exciting!

Explore universities in the Bahamas!

Studying in the Bahamas is a whole new experience compared to traditional study programs. The official language is English; therefore the classes are mostly conducted in English. The universities of the Bahamas are quite qualitative, and they put a lot of focus on discovery and preservation of the ecosystems of underwater organisms. The unique nature of Bahamas gives students (especially interested in biology) a chance to see the behaviour of tropical flora and fauna up close and personal, not only in a laboratory!

If you decide to study in the Bahamas, living in a dorm room provided to you by your university is very likely. Most of these student accommodations are not far from the beach!

Top 3 reasons to study in the Bahamas:

  • International programs
  • Study in paradise
  • The place full of diverse and creative activities

Did you know this about the Bahamas?

  • Many study programs in the Bahamas give their students the unique opportunity to discover the ecosystems of underwater organisms.
  • The currency in the Bahamas is the Bahamas dollar, which is the equivalent to the U.S dollar – so both can be used all around the Bahamas!
  • The national bird of the Bahamas is the flamingo.