Study in Uganda

“The Pearl of Africa”

Uganda is located in East Africa. It had one of the best higher education systems in Africa, attracting many students from neighbouring countries. However, the economic and political crises that occurred in the past years has damaged the higher education system and created problems in financing, quality and educational relevance. In the 1990s, a number of reforms were undertaken to reverse this decline, including the adoption of alternative financing strategies that offer demand driven courses and administrative changes.

The public higher education sector is built up of public and private universities, national teachers colleges, colleges of commerce, technical colleges, training institutions, and other tertiary institutions. The two major public universities in Uganda are Makerere University in Kampala and Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Three other public universities have also been established recently: Kyambogo University, the University of Gulu, and the Open University of Uganda. Another university in Eastern Uganda is in the planning stages and should open soon. There are also 102 private higher education institutions including 23 private universities.

Study in Uganda

Tuition fees in Uganda vary depending on the degree program and education institution of which the student is applying for. Fees also change every academic year therefore it is best to check with the university admissions offices and documents for up-to-date information. There are no legal limitations on the number of privately sponsored students that are allowed in the institutions, but government-sponsored students have top priority.

Uganda has everything to offer in terms of tourist attractions – from the snow covered mountains to the savanna, from the impenetrable jungle to the desert, from the frenzied noise of cities to the quiet life of its original villages. It can show the beauty of nature and the animal world, offering its guests to visit its 10 national parks. There are also lakes for anglers, mountains for climbers and rafting on the Nile River!

Top 3 reasons to study in Uganda:

  • Developing education
  • Youngest population in the world
  • Dozens of tourism activities

Did you know this about Uganda?

  • Public spending on education was at 5.2 % of the 2002–2005 GDP.
  • In terms of size Uganda has the same size as Oregon state, but in terms of population 10 times more people are living in Uganda.
  • Nearly 50 % of population of Uganda is under age of 15. It is also the youngest country in the world by median age.