Study in Botswana

Variety of study options and exotic wildlife

Botswana, a landlocked country in southern Africa, is famous for its exotic and indigenous wildlife. For the government of Botswana, education is the first priority. The government spends 30 % of its’ public spendings to invest in education. Thanks to this policy, the higher education sector in Botswana has been improved considerably.

For Botswana, the ideal education system promotes four principles – democracy, development, self-reliance and unity. In higher education in Botswana, there is a wide range of educational institutions, so students can consider many choices such as colleges of accounting and agriculture, and institutes of administration, commerce and health sciences.

Study in Botswana

One reason in particular to study in Botswana is its exotic nature and wildlife. Students can see meerkats, elephants and other wild animals with their own eyes, not via the TV or the Internet! On top of that, there is the amazing Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta in the world with a great wildlife habitat. It is also recognised as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Regarding the living costs in Botswana, it is quite cheap to live in the country. The prices are much lower when compared to many other countries. For example, a meal in an inexpensive restaurant would cost around 5 USD, a one way ticket for local transport is around 0.35 USD and a monthly pass for transport is around 15 USD.

Top 3 reasons to study in Botswana:

  • Variety of study options
  • Competitive living cost
  • Exotic wildlife

Did you know this about Botswana?

  • Botswana is the world’s third-biggest diamond producer, behind Russia and Canada.
  • Botswana has the largest number of meerkats in the world.