Study in Kuwait

Study in the country with a great need for skilled people

Kuwait, an Arab country on the Persian Gulf, has cultural heritage dating back to antiquity. Ruins from the Mesopotamian era can be seen on its Failaka Island, a former outpost of Alexander the Great’s army. Kuwait might be most famous for its early 90’s invasion by Iraq, but the country has recovered extremely well and has one of the best standards of living in the Middle East – as well as one of the most liberal lifestyle.

Despite its small size, Kuwait has plenty to offer international graduate students.  One of the best-known institutions of higher learning in Kuwait is Kuwait University. It was originally established as a co-educational institution in 1966. It has five different campuses in Kuwait City and the number of students attending has increased dramatically from 400 at its inception to over 19,700 in 2006. The university offers a wide variety of courses, including a study of Business, Law, and Education.

Study in Kuwait

Business and work-related skills are especially focused on in Kuwait today due to the great need for higher level skills in order to develop the economy of the country even further. Kuwait University and other schools focus mainly on business and law while the technical institutions focus more on vocational and workforce related skills.

Tuition fees vary according to the program someone wishes to enter. Tuition costs have gone down a bit in the past ten years, what made it more affordable and what may account for the rise in enrollment in some of the well-known institutes of higher learning.

While most students studying a graduate program in Kuwait will opt to live in accommodation provided by their chosen university, some will prefer the privacy and comfort of a private apartment. However, of course the closer the apartment is to the center, more expensive it would cost. Transport in Kuwait is based around cars and taxis. However, Kuwait does have a decent bus and coach network, which is inexpensive and frequented by locals.

Top 3 reasons to study in Kuwait:

  • Rich cultural background
  • Diverse academic studies
  • Learn a new language

Did you know this about Kuwait?

  • The Kuwaiti government offers scholarships to students who are accepted in universities in the United States, the United Kingdom and other foreign academic institutions.
  • Until 1962, Kuwait celebrated its National Day on June 19, the anniversary of its independence, but in 1963 it changed it to February 25 to avoid the hot weather of June.
  • Kuwait is the only country in the world with no natural water supply from lakes or reservoirs but it did open its first grass golf course in 2005.