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Partnership with France Alumni Finlande

France Alumni tulee Suomeen!

Vuosittain Ranskassa opiskelee lähes 300 000 ulkomaalaista, joista noin 500 on suomalaisia. Ranska on neljänneksi suosituin opiskelumaa ulkomaalaisten keskuudessa. Vastaavasti noin 1200 ranskalaista tulee opiskelemaan suomalaisiin yliopistoihin ja ammattikorkeakouluihin vuosittain. Study Advisoryn uusi yhteistyökumppani France Alumni Finlande tarjoaa Ranskassa opiskelleille suomalaisille hyvän mahdollisuuden löytää tietoa esimerkiksi ranskalaisista yrityksistä tai Ranskassa vierailemisesta turistina.  Palvelun avulla voit säilyttää kontaktin Ranskaan ja sen kulttuuriin, entiseen oppilaitokseensa ja ranskalaisiin yrityksiin. France Alumni:lla on noin 50 000 jäsentä.

Huom! Kaikki alumnit on kutsuttu Ranskan suurlähettiläs Serge Mosturan isännöimään lanseeraustilaisuuteen Ranskan suurlähetystölle 13.12.2016 klo 17-19. Lue lisää tästä. (ilmoittuminen 25.11 menessä).

Study Advisory se joint au lancement de France Alumni en Finlande

Chaque année, 300 000 étudiants étrangers se pressent sur les bancs des universités et grandes écoles françaises, dont plusieurs centaines de Finlandais. Nombreux sont aussi les Français qui envisagent de passer leur Erasmus en Finlande. Ancien étudiant finlandais en France ? Pense à l’événement de lancement le 13 décembre à l’Ambassade de France à Helsinki. Plus d’informations ici. Vous pouvez aussi rejoindre une autre communauté pays  France Alumni parmi 42 pays non européens et 17 européens.

Plus de 50 000 alumni sont membres de France Alumni dans le monde entier.

Partnership between Study Advisory and France Alumni

Study Advisory has decided to partner with France Alumni Finlande, the Finnish branch of a global alumni network for former students in France. Every year, 300 000 foreign students study in France, meaning that France is in the top 4 of most attractive student destinations in the world. Over 500 Finnish students go on Erasmus in France… Would you like to join France Alumni, too, if that was ever your case? You can also do so if you are an alumni from a French university or “grande école” from any other country of the world!

Study Advisory welcomes new initiatives that promote the mobility of students, which is why we are partnering with France Alumni Finland. Additionally, two of our team members will be attending France Alumni’s platform launching event on December 13th, in Helsinki.

New intern joins Study Advisory team in Tampere

Hello everyone! To start with, I just want to say that I am super glad to join this awesome team of young and enthusiastic Study Advisory members! I`ve been here for one week only, but it already feels great! Now, a bit about myself.

Study Advisory

My name is Dasha and I’m coming from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. In Finland, I feel like home. Honestly, nowadays I feel more home here than back to Russia. I think the reason of it might be that my whole independent and grown-up life started here in Finland. I study International Business at HAMK and I’m really grateful for all the opportunities and challenges I had during those two years. Studying and working with people from all over the world opens up your mind and changes the way you think, therefore I definitely recommend everyone (at least once in a lifetime) going somewhere abroad to study, work or just volunteer. It will make you a different person and you will learn lots of new things about yourself!

During my second year in Finland I went for exchange program to Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea. Going somewhere far and not that well-known for me was my main purpose. I’ve been travelling across Europe quite a lot before, therefore I thought why not trying something new and exotic! Those 4 months which I spent there made me a person I am today. I had great days, I had bad days also. That’s totally fine! Living in a completely different environment with completely different people was the best experience I have ever had which brought me a new version of myself.

study in South Korea
My campus at Kyung Hee University

One of the most memorable and really cool things I’ve done after my first year in Finland was hitchhiking trip with a friend of mine during summer holidays. In 12 days of our non-stop hitchhike we’ve  visited 8 countries and covered about 4100km. We started from Italy, went to France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany, Sweden and finished our journey in Finland! You can see some of the pics below.

P.S. Stay tuned up on our blog page about hitchhike soon !:P

chocolate and tulips
Delicious Belgium chocolate and nice tulips from Amsterdam

Travelling is my passion and something that I’m always craving to do.In life I always follow “if you fear it, go for it!” motto, that is why I highly recommend everyone to go out of a comfort zone and study abroad! Study Advisory will guide you and I, as a new team member, will also do my best to find your dream university!

-Daria Tcvetkova