Why subscribe?

So you already know how Study Advisory works, but why subscribe?

Higher education is becoming more and more global with every passing day. As a result, student mobility is increasing constantly alongside this trend. Nowadays the young people are searching for information mostly online and often getting their daily inspiration from social media. To respond to this trend, we wanted to develop an easy-to-use, interactive and enjoyable online service. Here at Study Advisory, we want to provide the best and most efficient ways for universities and students to find each other and connect.

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In addition, our team is young and international, and we can proudly say that we know quite a bit about the needs of the students. We offer you a marketing tool that saves your time and money and, the most importantly, that truly helps you to reach the students worldwide!

Why should you consider subscribing your university to Study Advisory?

There are nearly 12,000 higher education institutions currently listed on the Study Advisory platform, a number which is still growing over time. The basic information provided on the university profiles is visible to all potential students searching for a place to study with the help of our platform.

Why subscribe?
Let our team of passionate professionals help you attract more students!

All the university profiles are open to receive reviews from both former and current students. Students will rate your university based on the following categories: The quality of teaching, the campus, student services, internationality, value for money and security.

If you choose to subscribe to one of our packages, it is possible for you to improve your university’s profile in a very easy and affordable way. The various subscription perks we provide will not only make your profile more appealing to students, but will also increase the functionality of your profile and its’ overall visibility.

Create a tempting profile

Would you like to be one of the universities visible on our front page? When you subscribe, you are instantly added to our featured universities list. What about the possibility of listing your study programmes on your profile? When you subscribe you will be able to customise your profile content freely and creatively, with photos, videos, and your own text and relevant information. This will help the students to find your degree programs and majors more easily via our search platform. We also provide you with the chance of checking at any time clicks towards your own website, social media channels, in addition to statistics about your study Advisory’s profile views.

We know that your time at work is valuable, and we want to make everything as easy as possible for you. Therefore, we also provide the option of a completely managed profile package based on your university’s individual needs. With this subscription, you can hand the tasks over to us and our skilled team of professionals will make your profile look its very best!

We will guide you step by step

By subscribing to our service, you will easily reach students from all over the world. With the help of a mixture of various marketing campaigns, social media presence and attractive website content, we make sure that the students will find your Study Advisory profile in no time. Our daily passion is to create perfect matches between students and universities!

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