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Looking for a partner university?

Did you know that Study Advisory not only provides possibilities for future students to search for universities, but we also provide universities a chance to search for a possible partner university (or even several) as well?

Since we have compiled almost 12 000 universities to be featured in our platform, it’s easy to find a long list of interesting partners from all over the world!

Find a partner university
Having partner universities expands the internationality of your school!

Are you looking to make a connection with a top-notch university of technology from India? How about a trustworthy partner from the secure lands of Scandinavia? Or, how would you like a Spanish-speaking partner university where you could send your eager español speaking students for exchange? Just dive right into it with our search engine!

You can search for partners using keywords linked to a specific city, country or continent. You can also search for partners using keywords linked to study fields and types of degree programs!

Pro tip:

Read through the reviews that students have left on the university profiles you are interested in. Do these reviews paint a picture of a desirable study environment? Ask yourself: would I be happy to send my students to this university for a semester?