Study in South America

From the steaming hot and exotic rainforests of Brazil to the cold and secluded mountains of Peru, when you study in South America, you have it all. With relatively low living costs, you will be able to experience some of the most fabulous places our planet has to offer! South America boasts some seriously good quality universities, along with an impressive history and a heritage in research.

Some Southern American countries continue to make an impact in world trade, and this will open doors to all young people who decide to study there. Learning about the business culture and about the people’s mentality already during your studies will give you a competitive edge when applying for the jobs of tomorrow.

Needless to say, it is the perfect continent to work on your Spanish and Portuguese skills, which will ultimately take you to the next level in the working world as well. Since these are some of world’s most spoken languages, you can never go wrong with learning how to master español or português. Most countries in South America speak Spanish as their official language in addition to some other interesting indigenous languages. However, in the Samba Country, Brazilians gabble in Portuguese. Did you know that Brazil also happens to be the 5th largest country in the whole world? Lot’s to explore!

Study in South America

Tuition fees and scholarships

When you study in South America, tuition fees are significantly lower than in North America. Regardless, public universities boast a really good reputation; giving high quality education to their students and carrying out notable research projects. In public universities, it might be that there are hardly any tuition fees at all. The living costs are also very affordable which makes South America a very worthwhile place to finish your studies as a whole if you’re on a budget! Grants are even available for international students as well!

Study experiences help you stand out

Some of the most valued degrees in South America are in finance, economics, engineering, law, languages and more. The importance of this area is also growing in world economics, so it is worthwhile to take the time to understand how business functions there. South America makes for a really exciting place to study history. Make sure to take the time to learn local languages as well, whether Portuguese or Spanish, since English is still not as widely spoken in South America.

Free time in South America is pure awesomeness!

South America offers lots of interesting and unique cultures, some of the most amazing natural landscapes in the world, and overall amazing cuisine! Who wouldn’t want to finish a hard day of studies by sampling some Brazilian picanha with some Argentinian malbec? South America offers all of this and more with rather low costs.

This area also is home to the worlds widest river, longest mountain range, highest capital city, widest waterfall range and highest waterfall! There is also an abundance of unique wildlife settled in the lush Amazon rainforests, and even penguins in Patagonia! Did you know that the Amazon represents over half of the remaining rainforests left on Earth? It is also the largest and most biodiverse tract of tropical rainforests.

South America is home to some of the world’s most passionate dancing, so make sure to spend a little free time dancing the tango in Argentina, sizzling up the tight with some samba in Brazil, and of course the merengue in Venezuela. You will blend in in no time!

Study in South America

Where to study in South America:

Argentina – Affordable, prestigious and memorable.
Bolivia – Highly entrepreneurial country with amazing nature.
Brazil – Gorgeous country with high-quality education.
Chile – Why visit a bunch of different countries when you can see everything in one?
Colombia – World’s happiest country.
Ecuador – Improving education and mega diversity.
Paraguay – ”The Heart of South America”
Peru – Ancient culture in South America.
Uruguay – A ticket to an amazing culture and Spanish language.
Venezuela – Land of opportunities.