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“We’re not just colder, we’re cooler!”

Canada is the second largest country in the world when measured by square miles and, thus, is obviously remarkably diverse in landscape. It is also quite varied when it comes to people. As a nation of immigrants with two official languages, Canadians take pride in being open-minded, respectful and very international as a democracy.

For outdoorsy people, Canada is a treasure chest. There are the Great Lakes, several mountain ranges, ancient forests and both the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines to explore. The activities that go along with the scenery include everything from the best some of the world’s best skiing opportunities, to whale watching, to hiking with bells on, so you’ll scare the bears away!

Study in Canada

Canada is well known for its high quality education. Moreover, a Canadian diploma from an institute of higher education is internationally recognised and respected. The standard of living there is quite high, but the living costs and tuition fees are lower than in many other Western states, such as the neighbouring USA and the UK. You will also find that the campuses are very modern and supplied with the newest technology, so you will never be short of resources to support your learning.

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Since Canada is a multicultural country, there are endless opportunities for discovering art, music, food and people from various places around the globe. This truly is an easy-going, lovely country for international students because people in general don’t pay attention to where you come from and what your background is, but rather, who you are.

Top 3 reasons to study in Canada:

  • Innovative research opportunities.
  • Multicultural environment.
  • One of the world’s most educated countries.

Did you know this about Canada?

  • Education qualifications are recognized all around the world.
  • It’s is the world’s second largest country.
  • Residents of Churchill, Canada leave their cars unlocked to enable pedestrians facing polar bears to duck for cover!

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