Study in North America

Study in North America … Need we say more? It is home to some of the world’s most famous and most appreciated universities. With a degree from an IVY League university, you will be sure to impress your future employer (and your grandparents…) but there is also an abundance of high quality colleges and universities throughout the continent.

From the French speaking mountainous universities of Canada, to the exotic universities of the Caribbean Islands, there sure is some serious diversity in between with various higher education institutions. Or maybe you want to study in Mexico and learn to master the second largest language in the world, measured by number of native speakers? If you study in North America, you can guarantee it’s all there!

Study in North America

Tuition fees and scholarships

The quality of education is high in North America, but so is the competition. Not only will you find yourself competing for the best universities and scholarships, but for admission in general. The tuition fees might be some of the highest in the world, but there are great possibilities for different kinds of scholarships available to talented students, those with limited means, athletes and so on.

When you study in North America, you might consider that paying higher tuition fees is also a very good investment towards your future life. Getting a degree from North America might change your life for the better. Building a wide range of networks already during your studies, such as during internships, might take you strait to the next level when it’s time to start competing for the jobs of tomorrow.

You can study anything you want!

North American universities are well known for their flexibility when it comes to studies. Studying in North America makes it possible to be more flexible when it comes to choosing your courses and modules. Generally, you may be able to choose some really interesting and unique modules that will broaden the knowledge of your major.

Studying in some of the smaller countries in North America, such as in Cuba, Costa Rica and Nicaragua might even give you a completely different perspective to the American way of life. Especially if you are planning to work in NGO’s or for the third sector, you might want to consider studying in these countries as apposed to the more famous USA and Canada. Not only will you learn things from a totally different angle, but you will also see and experience a life style and values that the people of the Southern part of North America have to offer.

Extra-curricular activities to balance your studies

The possibilities for free time activities are also endless in a continent as broad as North America. You may want to join a sorority or a fraternity in order to enjoy that life so familiar from Hollywood movies (sometimes even wilder)! North American universities are famous for their extracurricular activities (or Extra Academic Activities) which can offer you great social skills and stimulation outside the realm of the normal curriculum.

Each and every person has the opportunity to take part in interesting academic activities, such as debate clubs, orchestra or band rehearsals, choir singing, entrepreneurship societies, drama courses, tutoring or an abundance of sports teams. The skills you get and the people you meet will teach you the competitive edge North America is quite famous for, a skill well needed when reaching for the same jobs as hundreds of your fellow classmates after graduation.

Study in North America

Places to study in North America:

Bahamas – It’s better in the Bahamas.
– “We’re not just colder, we’re cooler!”.
Costa Rica – High quality education and plenty of recreational activities.
Cuba – High level of education and an attractive destination.
Jamaica – Get your degree on a paradise island.
Mexico – Warm, inviting and full of passion!
Nicaragua – The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.
Puerto Rico – Study on the island of enchantment.
United States – The United States of awesome possibilities..