Study in Bahrain

Hot and expensive – but so promising

Bahrain is an island located in the Persian Gulf with around 1,5 million people. This country is an interesting attraction for tourists from all over the world and it hosts more than 8 million of visitors every year.

Due to a great pool of education talent and skill, brought by the expatriates from various different corners of the world, Bahrain provides a great education for international and local students. For everyone who wants to get a higher education, there are public and private schools, universities that provide Bachelor’s degrees, and two High Education institutes (Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance and Management Development Centre International) located in the capital city of Manama that have Master’s and MBA degrees.

Bahrain is an Arab country and it got its independence from the United Kingdom in 1971. Thus, English is the second most spoken language there after Arabic, and lots of international people to study in Bahrain. Due to the country’s culture, it is important for all overseas students to understand that its traditions are crucial to follow. However, the locals are very open to help newcomers get to know all the aspects of living in Bahrain.

Study in Bahrain

If you cannot stand cold weather and harsh winters, Bahrain is a great place to study and to live for you. In the summer, temperatures can reach 45 degrees Celsius, and, on days when the humidity is high, it gets up to 50. So even during the winter you can get a great tan – but be careful and do not forget to drink a lot of water and put on some strong sunscreen!

Explore universities in Bahrain!

The living costs are quite high in Bahrain, but are not the highest in the educational world. All international students have to pay a tuition fee of around $5,000 per semester. However, after getting a degree in Bahrain, many international students prefer to stay there as it is a growing market and is creating more well paid work placements every year. The most popular occupations are in the fields of engineering and marketing.

Top 3 reasons to study in Bahrain:

  • Futuristic perspectives
  • Great education quality
  • Enjoyable weather and interesting culture

Did you know this about Bahrain?

  • The world’s largest simultaneous coin toss event was organised in the British School of Bahrain, by the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • The first Middle Eastern woman to become the President of the United Nations General Assembly was Haya bint Rashid Al Khalifa from Bahrain.
  • Bahrain ethnic groups are Bahraini 46% and non-Bahraini 54%.