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Magnificent natural kingdom and strong innovation

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation of thousands of coastal islands, inland lakes, forests and mountains. Its principal cities, eastern capital Stockholm and southwestern Gothenburg and Malmö, are all on the sea. Stockholm is home to royal palaces, parks and museums. Sweden is famous for its wild and beautiful nature, making it one of the greenest countries in the world.

Sweden is one of the countries which is famous for the quality of higher education. The system of education in matters of teaching is different in Sweden from some other countries in Europe, due to the fact that they offer a lot of practicality in courses.  The relationship between students and teachers is friendly, relaxed and informal. Besides, students take responsibility for their own studies, pursuing their studies on their own or in groups. Sweden has been excelling in research in certain fields including sustainability. The country is also known for the Nobel system, which distinguishes outstanding research in a number of fields, and pioneering global companies such as Spotify or IKEA.

study in Sweden

Swedish education is based on several principles that each university should comply, for example, knowledge and skills in the relevant areas, an ability to make independent critical assessments, an ability to identify, formulate and solve problems, preparedness for changes in the student’s professional life. Students from countries outside the European Union (EU) or European Economic Agreement have to pay tuition fees. Prices for non EU/EEA students range between SEL 85.000 and SEK 140.000 per year, or 9.000 and 15.000 euros. Many scholarships, about 300, are on offer, so you can at least cover for part of the fees (see below).

Higher education in Sweden

The university system is divided into universities (universitet) and university colleges (högskola), the only difference between the two being that most university colleges do not deliver PhDs while all Swedish universities do.

Critical thinking, group work and independent study are at the core of university life in Sweden. Come to class prepared!

Scholarships are offered by the Swedish Institute, with the first application period open until January 16, 2017. Find out more about bilateral scholarships, and depending on your country of origin. Some scholarships are specific to master’s degrees or PhDs and post-doc programmes. Some scholarships are also directly awarded by universities: you can find more information from this link.

Other scholarships are offered by, inter alia, SIDA, the Swedish International Development Agency. Find out more.

Student life in Sweden


Students who want to work or intern during their studies in Sweden are encouraged to do so. Warning: studies should be your priority; however, if you want to work alongside your programme, there is no limitation, and non EU/EEA/Nordic students may extend their visa for up to 6 months after graduation to either find a job or start a company. If you are eager on pursuing an internship or traineeship, consider checking your university’s placement database or talk to your programme coordinator. There are some agreements applicable to non-EU/EEA/Nordic students who find an internship in Sweden, including from the US, Canada and China: read more here. If not, a work permit will be required.

Outdoor and cultural activities

There is a lot of nature to explore and conservancy area covers a 10th of the country land area. As an international degree, or exchange, student, you can enjoy Swedish nature to go hiking, relax, ski, and more. Chances of getting bored in Sweden if you are an explorer are truly limited. Sweden can be described as the “wilderness of Europe” because here you can find a variety of untouched natural areas, virgin forests and crystal clear lakes. You can be assured that you will never be bored in Sweden.

study in Sweden

Festivals and concerts also abound, together with museums and international conferences, so these are all ways to make the most of your time in this Nordic kingdom!

Swedish universities rated on Study Advisory:

Though it might be hard to find accommodation in the Swedish capital, the University of Stockholm‘s reviews stress the beautiful campus and high levels of security. Did you know that part of the academic staff at SU is also involved in Nobel Prize committees?

Student services and security are rated highly by reviewers of Lund University. Additional campuses are found in the cities of Malmö and Helsingborg. Did you know that MAX IV, a world-leading synchrotron radiation laboratory, was inaugurated in June 2016 at Lund? Lund University is notably renowned for its excellent programmes related to sustainability.

Top 4 reasons to study in Sweden:

  • Sweden aims to be one of the most R&D intensive countries in the world.
  • Ranked among the world leaders in higher education
  • One of the oldest anatomical theaters in the world can be visited at Gustavianum in Uppsala. Uppsala university also hosted famous alumni such as the famous botanist and zoologist Linnaeus and astronomist Celsius.
  • Studying in Sweden is studying in the land of innovation: 573 Nobel prizes for research excellence have been awarded in Sweden since 1901.

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