Study in Asia

One of the best reasons to study in Asia is that it is the biggest and the most diversified continent in the world. It is also the biggest continent by population, being the home to 60 % of people on earth.

The economic, political and cultural importance of Asia is growing at a never before seen rate. Having studied in a university in Asia is a huge asset for your resume when competing for jobs, and having networks in Asia can also help you stand out. Many international companies are operating in or with countries in Asia and need employees with experience in the Asian market, who are in tune with Asian cultures.

Study in Asia

One of the most important variables behind the miracle of growth in several Asian economies is the quality of education offered there. The competition for a place among top schools and universities starts from an early age. The work ethic, ambition and perseverance that is embedded in most Asian societies directly influences the local university curricula. The purpose of education in Asia is to allow graduates to become productive members in their given societies, as well as to give students the skills to be able to successfully compete against the masses of other applicants in the job market.

Tuition fees and scholarships

The tuition fees of universities in Asia can be very affordable, especially when compared to universities and colleges in Western countries, and the tuition fees are in tune with the generally affordable costs of living. This applies especially to South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines; as well as to India in southern Asia. However, in countries such as Japan and South Korea, tuition fees might be extremely high. Fortunately, scholarships are on offer for nearly all of these destinations.

Studying a few courses or a whole degree in Asia

Many Asian universities are performing very well in international rankings and this has been directly reflected by the success stories of several Asian countries, such as China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. These countries shape our world, and in turn, have some of the best universities in the world!

However, other interesting countries are on the way to educational success. For example, Kazakhstan has announced that it aims to be “the next Singapore of education”. So if you want to be an educational trendsetter, you might consider studying in countries like Kazakhstan, India or Malaysia, all of which will be heavily investing in education in the upcoming years.

Asian free time offers something for everybody

No matter if you’re into e-sports from Korea, trying your hand at cricket in India or bar hopping in Thailand, Asia has it all. From contact sports such as martial arts in Japan and Korea, relaxing yoga retreats around Indonesian islands, when you study in Asia, it’s yours! Universities also proudly offer various sports teams in which you can join during your studies to keep you fit and networked.

Asia also has some very affordable low-cost airlines which can take you all over the continent! Taking some of the more traditional methods of transportation is also an adventure; why not spend your spring break in Vietnam riding a motorbike, for example? Or maybe let the Balinese waves take you and your surfboard from one wave to another? In Asia, the world is your oyster.

Study in Asia

Places to study in Asia:

Armenia – A civilized country that values education above everything else
– Unique combination of Asia and Europe in one country
Bangladesh – Emerging economy with ancient sights
Cambodia – Tropical climate and agricultural economy
 – Modern life within a characterized culture
Georgia – Home of the wine and long traditions in education
Hong Kong – The quintessence of East and West
India – Where dreams come true
Indonesia – Low living costs and exotic nature
Japan – A unique culture with ancient roots and modern vibes
Kazakhstan – Focused education in a heavily growing economy
Macao – Innovations and development
Malaysia – Highly qualified educational programs, with a diversity of nationalities
Myanmar – Long history and traditions in education
Nepal – Interesting traditions and unique nature
Pakistan – Diversity and history
Philippines – Top education and relaxing life in Asia
Singapore – World-leading education and high standard of living
South Korea – Highly competitive learning environment and traditionally rich culture
Taiwan – Beautiful and industrial
Thailand – A passport to the Southeast Asian world
Uzbekistan – Ancient treasures and historical landmarks
Vietnam – Academic education and vibrant culture