Where to study?

Are you wondering where would be the best place to study for you? There are endless opportunities all around the world, and now you should pick one of them… We know, it’s not an easy choice to make! However, we totally recommend you to consider all the options, search for information and compare different countries and universities. Remember also the less obvious options – many smaller countries or cities also offer attractive study programs and awesome possibilities for free time activities!

Where to study?

When looking for the right country and city, it’s wise to ask yourself at least the following questions: which language do you want to study in? Can studying abroad give you a certain edge in the future? Which countries offer the most interesting free time activities to balance out your academic pursuits? Are you ready to pay tuition fees? Do you prefer living in a big city or a smaller town? If you dream of studies in a very specific field, we recommend you to check whether some countries are more advanced in it than others.

To help you make your decision, we have created dozens of country guides which include useful facts about student life and culture, university admissions, fees and scholarship possibilities, along with short presentations of some of the most interesting universities in each country. Have a look at the country guides and find your dream study broad destination!

When you find and interesting university, remember use our university search and read how former students have reviewed it!

Study in Africa

Algeria – “By the people and for the people”
Angola – Fast growing economy with interesting opportunities
Botswana – Variety of study options and exotic wildlife
Cameroon – One of the most stable educations in Africa
Democratic Republic of Congo – Reformed education and geological wonders
– Where it all begins…
Ethiopia – Study while experiencing the wonders of Africa
Ghana – Unusual cultures and traditions, beautiful nature and amazing castles
Kenya – Higher education in one of the most developed African countries
Morocco – Get a degree in a progressing country with a long history
Namibia – Wonderful amazing nature and a variety of tribes
Nigeria – Improved education with scholarships and exotic wildlife
Senegal – Study in “Our Boat”
Tanzania – Reformed education and natural ecology
Tunisia – Unique history with high ambitions for education
Uganda – “The Pearl of Africa”
South Africa – “The rainbow nation”

Study in Asia

Armenia – A civilized country that values education above everything else
– Unique combination of Asia and Europe in one country
Bangladesh – Emerging economy with ancient sights
Cambodia – Tropical climate and agricultural economy
 – Modern life within a characterized culture
Georgia – Home of the wine and long traditions in education
Hong Kong – The quintessence of East and West
India – Where dreams come true
Indonesia – Low living costs and exotic nature
Japan – A unique culture with ancient roots and modern vibes
Kazakhstan – Focused education in a heavily growing economy
Macao – Innovations and development
Malaysia – Highly qualified educational programs, with a diversity of nationalities
Myanmar – Long history and traditions in education
Nepal – Interesting traditions and unique nature
Pakistan – Diversity and history
Philippines – Top education and relaxing life in Asia
Singapore – World-leading education and high standard of living
South Korea – Highly competitive learning environment and traditionally rich culture
Taiwan – Beautiful and industrial
Thailand – A passport to the Southeast Asian world
Uzbekistan – Ancient treasures and historical landmarks
Vietnam – Academic education and vibrant culture

Study in Australia and Oceania

Australia – There’s nothing like Australia
New Zealand – The opportunity to study in Middle Earth

Study in Europe

Austria – Where classical music finds its home, today and historically.
Belarus – Nice people and beautiful nature.
Belgium – Study in the heart of Europe.
Bosnia and Herzegovina – One of the last undiscovered regions of the southern Alps.
Bulgaria – High-quality education and European standard diplomas.
Croatia – Amazing scenaries and high-quality education.
Cyprus – Study in the crosspoint of three continents.
Czech Republic – A tuition free high-quality education in the Heart of Europe.
Denmark – Super-quality education in a wealthy Scandinavian country.
Estonia – Studying in a very unique country.
Finland – Top-notch education and exotic nature.
France – Because who wouldn’t want to be a little more chic.
Germany – The powerhouse of European economy.
Greece – Easy going with a lot going on!
Hungary – Beautiful country with rich history and multicultural influences.
Iceland – Land of fire and ice.
Ireland – High-quality education in the Emerald Isle.
Italy – Legendary cuisine and some of the world’s oldest universities.
Latvia – The land that sings.
Lithuania – Studying in the country of basketball.
Luxembourg – One of the most stable and richest countries in the world.
Kosovo – Affordable studies at the heart of the Balkans.
Malta – High-quality education with a perfect climate.
Netherlands – Innovative education and multicultural environment.
Norway – The most democratic country in the world.
Poland – Move your imagination – come and find your story.
Portugal – Top-notch education on the west coast of Europe.
Romania – One of the most affordable European countries.
Russia – High ranked education, unique culture and unforgettable experiences.
Serbia – Country of cultural variety.
Slovakia – Interesting culture, medieval architecture and diverse nature.
Slovenia – The Sunny Side of the Alps.
Spain – Affordable and prestigious high-quality education.
Sweden – Magnificent kingdom of wild nature and Vikings.
Switzerland – International country renowned for its landscape and financial industry.
Turkey – A country with a long history!
Ukraine – Quality education in the “bread basket of Europe”.
United Kingdom – Oxbridge traditions and cultural diversity.

Study in the Middle East

Bahrain – Hot and expensive, but so promising.
Iran – Beauty, diversity and a long, rich history.
– Study where our civilisation began.
Israel – A country that highly values education among its people.
Jordan – Safe country with a rich culture.
Kuwait – Study in the country with a great need for skilled people.
Oman – Where the number of international students is increasing everyday.
Qatar – Country that is going big in wealth!
Saudi Arabia – Huge wealthy country increasingly investing in education.
United Arab EmiratesSetting goals, and achieving them… fast!

Study in North America

Bahamas – It’s better in the Bahamas.
– “We’re not just colder, we’re cooler!”.
Costa Rica – High quality education and plenty of recreational activities.
Cuba – High level of education and an attractive destination.
Jamaica – Get your degree on a paradise island.
Mexico – Warm, inviting and full of passion!
Nicaragua – The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.
Puerto Rico – Study on the island of enchantment.
United States – The United States of awesome possibilities..

Study in South America

Argentina – Affordable, prestigious and memorable.
Bolivia – Highly entrepreneurial country with amazing nature.
Brazil – Gorgeous country with high-quality education.
Chile – Why visit a bunch of different countries when you can see everything in one?
Colombia – World’s happiest country.
Ecuador – Improving education and mega diversity.
Paraguay – ”The Heart of South America”
Peru – Ancient culture in South America.
Uruguay – A ticket to an amazing culture and Spanish language.
Venezuela – Land of opportunities.