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How would you rate your University?

Did you know: 9 out of 10 young people consider that their peers provide valuable information when it comes to deciding on a place to study.*

Now is your chance to rate your university and help other young people decide which place to study and which study program is right for them!

A few minutes of your time will save several for another, and maybe even help you in the future as well should you wish to continue your own studies. Go ahead and pay it forward and rate today!

Rate your university!
How would you rate your university?

How to rate:

How is the international buzz in your university? Do you enjoy the campus area? Is the quality of teaching on point? Simply search for your own university and make sure to be among the first ones to rate it!

There are 6 main categories for rating your university

You can rate these categories by selecting one of the 5 levels in order of low to high: low being considered a bad rating and high being considered a good rating. The 5 levels of rating can also be divided in half: For example, if you can’t decide if your University should get a level 3 or a level 4 for its internationality, simply rate it 3 and a half.

  • Teaching – Quality of teaching? Content of the courses?
  • Campus – How was the atmosphere of the university? How about its facilities? Location? Activities on campus?
  • Student Services – How well were the student services organised? How helpful were they from a student’s point of view?
  • Internationality – How was the international atmosphere? How many courses were available in foreign languages? How many international students were there on campus?
  • Value for Money – How good was the quality of the university compared to its’ tuition fees? How about compared to other costs of living?
  • Security – Did you feel safe on campus? How about in the university city?

Extra information about your rating

There is the possibility to add additional information to your review in order to make it more valuable. This is the perfect chance for you to have your voice heard loud and clear!

  • Your written review – Tell us in your own words your thoughts and experiences! What experiences helped you rate the categories above in particular?
  • Your graduation or study year – In this section, you can add the 4-digit year in which you have graduated, expect to graduate, or in which you had studied during an exchange period, etc.
  • Your nationality – Adding your nationality adds to the international appeal of the universities profile. We highly suggest for you to add your own to help other who share your nationality find the right university!

Rate to donate!

Did you know that for each university review, we donate 25 cents to UNESCO? Find out more about our charity work.

* Study Advisory research conducted in June 2015.