How to fund my studies?


“How can I fund my studies?” there are actually many ways available!

Being strapped for cash is a common part of student life, but there are a wide variety of scholarships and grants available worldwide to fund your studies for just about every kind of study program and study location. It is well worth the time spent to research these kinds of funding options online and fill out several applications at once, typically, as many as you can find.

how to fund my studies
Searching for scholarships online is a great way to fund your studies!

Working or studying part-time

It’s not only the grants, student loans and scholarships that can compose of your student funding. Working part-time alongside your studies is a great option if you enjoy a full lifestyle. You also have the option of studying part-time and working full time in many countries around the globe. In this case you can pursue your degree with early morning or evening studies. If you decide to work in a foreign country though, make sure you know about the working laws so you won’t end up losing your bursaries, or your right to health care services!

Working or completing internships may not only be a requirement for some degrees, but it is also a chance for you to earn some money and study at the same time. Discuss with your internship employer about the possibility of earning some money while you carry out your internship. You would be surprised to find that a lot of companies will give you some small pay to help you cover your daily expenses, you need only to ask!

Student loans

Especially within the European Union, student loans are available for both national and international students to apply for. In some countries, the amount of the loan and your eligibility is based on the amount of credits you are studying. In this case, if you don’t pass your classes, your loan payments could come to a stand still as well.

With student loans, you do have to pay them back. However, this is often tied to a certain level of income. In many cases, you won’t have to start paying them back before your level of income has reached, for example, £21000 a year. Be sure to carefully check the variation of requirements with your loan provider before you agree on this method of funding.

Student Bursaries or Grants

Most countries have schemes that offer funding for students, but these are often only available for local students. However, in many cases, you can apply for the funding from your home country even if you decide to live and study abroad. If you are a citizen in the European Union, you are only entitled to pay the same amount for tuition as the locals do. This means that if the locals don’t pay tuition, you don’t have to either. Grants and bursaries are often the first option for students to go for, especially because you don’t have to pay them back!


Most universities that charge a tuition fee also offer a scholarship-scheme. The scholarship might not cover all of your study costs, but it is definitely an option that everyone should know about. Many universities also offer a service for the students with financial problems to apply for funding. Scholarships can also be offered by other organisations than just the university of your choice. A quick Google search online for scholarships will provide you with thousands of options. Consider what are some of your strong points in order to narrow them down to the ones you are the most qualified for. The scholarships are often provided based on for example specific study programs, country of study or origin, or extracurricular activities.

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Let us help you fund your studies!

We can certainly vouch for you to fund your studies with a few scholarships in particular: Check out our very own Study Advisory Scholarships!

That’s right, we are giving you the chance to fund your studies on us. We believe that education should be available to everyone no matter what their circumstances are, and we will not let financial insecurity get in the way of a students’ goal to get a higher education.

Our Scholarships are primarily aimed to fund study abroad programs such as study exchange programs, full degree programs and even international internship programs. For these purposes, we currently offer two types of scholarships. Check them both out and see if they are right for you.

When considering how to fund your studies, consider the tuition costs of your education program and how other students and alumni have already funded their studies. Many of them have worked during their studies or during the summer. Inquire about part time or summer jobs in your university city to help you fund your student life.

Other ways to fund your studies

You can also Google around to find more creative ways to raise money for your education, such as crowdfunding with websites like GoFundMe or by selling arts and crafts on Etsy in your free time! With a little bit of ambition and imagination, anything is possible, so go out and explore!