Study in Puerto Rico

Study on the island of enchantment

Located in the Caribbean, the island of Puerto Rico is an unincorporated U.S. territory, and it has a beautiful landscape varying from green mountains, waterfalls and tropical rainforest to white-sand beaches and coral reefs. Combined with the buzz of the capital and a history featuring pirates, Puerto Rico is a place everyone should experience.

There are both public and private higher education institutions in Puerto Rico. When it comes to admission to the universities, the selectivity index varies. Those who study in Puerto Rico will notice that the education system is modeled after that of the United States.

The higher education institutes can set their own tuition fees, meaning that the costs differ between the institutes. For international students, the fees are higher than they are for local residents.

Study in Puerto Rico

The cost of living in Puerto Rico is relatively low. In bigger cities like San Juan, the costs are naturally higher, but still low compared to some other capitals around the world.

Popular activities for spending leisure time in Puerto Rico include enjoying the city life with its beach bars, as well as water activities like snorkeling, diving, surfing and sailing. The mountains and rainforest are a sight to behold as well, and definitely worth exploring.

Top 3 reasons to study in Puerto Rico

  • Getting American education while enjoying the charms of the Caribbean
  • Puerto Ricans have a reputation for welcoming foreigners with open arms
  • Enjoying wonderful weather and nature

Did you know this about Puerto Rico?

  • The education system of Puerto Rico is closely modeled after the United States.
  • In Puerto Rico, there is more than 430 kilometers worth of beaches to enjoy.
  • The largest telescope in the world is located in Puerto Rico.